Scabies Survivors Stories Tellhow Scabies Affects Life

Here we have rounded up the experiences of people who have gone through the pain, itching, and discomfort caused by scabies. (Courtesy :REDDIT)

Scabies Survivors Stories Tell how Scabies Affects

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A Loss of Hundreds of Dollars and Infesting Others…

“I have a scabies infestation. It started in January. I thought I had an allergic reaction to my new dry cleaner then I thought I had bed bugs. I had the exterminator come we determined it was not bed bugs but scabies. I have been to see my doctor and have had two treatments and still can not get rid of them. I have spent several hundreds of dollars on doctors and treatments. I have disposed of furniture and clothing. The worst part is I had contact with my family with friends and with business associates the day before I was diagnosed. Hugging and shaking hands. It was at my nieces baby shower. I called my niece and told her to watch for symptoms. I am mortified that I may have infected my family and friends. I have been treated twice and still, I am infected. I vacuum twice a day. I clean constantly. I have read everything I could find on the internet.

I was seeing a therapist. He could no longer see me until this is resolved. I am too embarrassed to ask my friends for help. I live alone. I am at my wit's end.”

Was It Really Scabies?

“Are you absolutely sure it's scabies? I had scabies once a long time ago, then again a couple years ago I thought I had it again; there were virtually identical symptoms. The doctor even diagnosed it as scabies. I went through treatment after treatment, quarantined myself, the works. After it spread up to my neck and down to my feet they finally did a biopsy and it turned out to be some sort of bizarre rash and not a parasite at all ("Granuloma annulare"). Funny thing was, the scabies lotions and treatments actually made the rash worse and made me think the "scabies" was spreading like mad.

I'm not saying that's what it is, but if it's absolutely not going away even after treatments then a biopsy might be worth it.”

Ivermectin Really Works!

“I hate that I have a screen name associated with my own scabies nightmare, but I do.

Anyway, my husband and I had a scabies problem 3 or so years ago. We tried an over the counter treatment first, and later went to the doctor and she gave me a prescription for what turned out to be another OTC treatment. We were going absolutely crazy after months of itching and I was absolutely desperate.

I did some research and digging online for home remedies, and ended up finding out you can use a treatment which is intended for mite infestations in cows and horses (obviously you have to take a smaller dose because with large animals they take about half a tube) but it really truly worked.

Ivermectin paste. You put it into dissolvable gel capsules you can get at the health food store. My husband took 2 pills 2 times. I took one pill two times. (We had to guesstimate based on weight.) It really worked.

I got the paste at a farm supply store in Oklahoma, but I do think you can buy it online. Good luck.”

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."