Scabies Treatment Failure: Things You Must Know!

It is possible that your scabies treatment turn out to be unsuccessful. There can be many reasons behind, and it is essential to find out them first. Let’s explore in detail.

Were you infested with scabies mites? Have the symptoms made their presence for more than six weeks? Then you need to be little more careful. Yes, the treatment has reasonably failed.

This is true in case your scabies is getting worse even after weeks of application of cream and following the course of treatment. Hence, here it is advisable to visit your general practitioner or dermatologist. But this will not be a case always.

Is the prescription wrong?

Before you come to any decision about the diagnosis or treatment, i.e. it is wrong or not, it is important to ensure that whether you have applied the treatment in the same manner as directed.

Yes, even if you missed out it one day and a single mite survived, you are not cured completely. Reason being, it is likely that the presence of that single mite will be sufficient to cause re-infestation.

Doctors suggest that while applying the cream, you must make sure that absolutely every part of the body must be covered. You cannot miss or neglect the areas where the presence of mites is possible.  Often, common parts are missed such as the genitals, between the toes and under the fingernails, cleft of the buttocks, etc. And for this reason, it is advisable to be very careful while applying scabies medication.

Is it diagnosed in a right way?

Another major reason for treatment failure can be an incorrect diagnosis. There are several indicators which are highly correlated with scabies and many other skin problems. It includes pimples between the figures, rashes, itching, etc. But having doesn’t confirm the presence of mites always. Hence, it is essential to conclusively diagnose scabies. And this can be done to take a scraping of the skin to view it under the microscope.

If mites, its eggs or opened egg shells or the mite’s feces are found, your treatment needs to be initiated accordingly. But none of these are found, there are good chances that you are dealing with some another skin problem. Yes, it is possible that the symptoms are caused by something else. Thus, in such as case, the scabies treatment will have nothing to do.

Is re-infestation possible?

Certainly, re-occurrence is possible in case of scabies. In many cases, it is found that after a long time, the symptoms start appearing once again. And this is due to re-infestation.

Even if you have succeeded in killing all of the mites once, there are good chanced to subsequently picked them up again. For example, you were treated and your partner was not, you could catch them again.

Last note, it is highly important to note here that just for a reason that your symptoms are not gone after applying treatment never mean that the treatment has failed. If itchiness and bumps continue to persist, say for up to a month after the treatment, it is normal. These will progressively diminish and fade with the passage of time. 

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