Scabies Treatment- Should Bed Linen Be Washed Before Or After

When scabies infection comes knocking, it is important that you face it bravely. The medicines will treat the body, but there are a large number of precautions that all family members need to take in order to get rid of it completely.

Let’s look at some methods to get rids of mites from bed linen and the bed –

1. Treating the Linen

All bed linen should be washed regularly once the infection is diagnosed. This will help prevent mites from spreading to other members of the family to some extent. It is important to keep the house and its belongings clean in order to contain the infection.

2. Before Or After The Treatment

It is very important to wash the bed linen the day the treatment begins. Ideally after every treatment session, the patient should be exposed to clean clothes and linen. Dirty clothes should be washed at 50 degrees or more. Then, they should be dried in a high drier setting too.

3. Items That Can’t Be Washed

For small personal items that cannot be washed in a machine, it is advised to seal them in plastic bags and keep them aside for 72 hours or more. The mites will die naturally and no treatments will be needed.

The nasty scabies mites don’t leave a house so easily. There’ve been cases where people continue to get infected for many years at a stretch. Make sure to rely on a good scabies treatment like Dr Scabies, take necessary precautions such as washing bed linen and finally, consult a doctor if the need be.

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