Scabies treatment when you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding

There are divided groups on whether pregnant women should be exposed to permethrin or not during pregnancy. Some believe that a 5% level is safe, while others think that the risks involved are very high. When in doubt go for a natural product like Dr. Scabies that has no side effects and cures the infection in a very short time.

Let’s read on about the best methods to treat pregnant women for Scabies –

1. Protect Yourself from Infection

If somebody in the family has Scabies, it is important to protect pregnant women against the infection. The safest way to keep the lady safe is to get the infected person treated for the infection right away.

It is also important to keep the household clean and prevent the infection from spreading. All floors should be scrubbed with a disinfectant and her combs should be soaked in alcohol and properly disinfected.

2. If You Think You Have Scabies

Consult a doctor right away and have yourself examined carefully. He may also take a skin sample by scraping for further tests. The doctor might prescribe two kinds of treatments –

  • With permethrin at 5 % (Unsafe)
  • With a sulfur passed petroleum product (Not very effective)
  • If these fail Lindane or Crotamiton are suggested (Have side effects)
  • Dr Scabies [The best you can get]

Keep in mind that any Scabies ointment should be washed off from the nipples before feeding the child if you’re breastfeeding.

Dr. Scabies kills scabies completely

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