Should children with scabies be kept away from school?

Should children with scabies be kept away from school?

Scabies is skin infestation which results into intense itchiness over the body. It is caused by the transfer of scabies mites due to close physical contact with a person suffering from it. The scabies skin infestation can happen in children, adults and the elderly, if they come in contact with a patient of scabies.

The following article is about scabies symptoms, cure and precautions in children.

Children can get infected with scabies if anyone in the household is suffering from it or from other toddlers in school. It takes around 2-3 weeks for the symptoms to show. Once the mites enter the body they result into itchiness all over the body followed by crusty bumps on the hands and feet.

Since the skin of infants is highly sensitive therefore, there are more chances that lesions can convert into large blistering lesions or even pus-filled bumps.

Symptoms that your child has scabies

After the child is infected with scabies he is likely to experience itching all over the body. However, the itching is going to be worse at some of the body parts and is also going to get worse during the night. The most common locations for the lesions of scabies in older children and adults are:

  • Finger-folds (areas between the fingers)
  • Inner wrists, inner elbows, and armpits
  • Breasts of females and genitalia of males
  • Navel region
  • Lower abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Backs of knees

The lesions in young children are most commonly found at:

  • Trunk, arms, and legs
  • Head and neck
  • Palms of the hands and soles of the feet

When to consult the doctor?

If you find pink-to-red bumps, which appear like pimples or bug bites and your child complains of itching and scratching, then you shouldn’t ignore these signs and visit the doctor immediately.

The other case can be if anyone in the household is infected with scabies, then also you should consult the doctor so that your child gets the right treatment and is also protected against the disease.

Keep your children away from others

If your child is infected with scabies, then it is recommended not to send him to school till he/she is fully cured. Isolating him for few days will fasten up the recovery process and also safeguard others against infection.

Recommended treatment for scabies

After the physician will confirm the presence of scabies mites, he will prescribe one of the following medicines for your child’s treatment depending upon the sensitivity of the child.

  • Permethrin cream – 5% permethrin cream has to be applied once in a week for getting rid of the scabies itch. It can be applied at night and then rinsed off the next morning. It is safe for use even in infants of around 2 months or older.


  • Crotamiton cream – It has to be applied daily for few consecutive days till the doctor recommends it. It has to be washed 48 hours after last application.


  • Sulfur ointment – Dr Scabies contains sulfur as a main ingredient along with few other natural ingredients that can effectively kill off the scabies mites. Dr Scabies is safe for infants and pregnant and nursing women. 

Some basic precautions to be followed during the treatment:

  • Hygiene is the most important thing to be taken care of while your child is undergoing scabies treatment. Make sure his fingernails and toenails are clean.
  • Apply the lotion or cream only after cleaning the body parts and make sure it is applied properly to each and every part. 
  • Disinfect his personal belongings-pillow covers, bed sheets, handkerchief etc on a daily basis. 
  • Don’t stop the treatment without the consultation of the doctor. 
  • Isolate him till he is not recovered fully.


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