Signs of FAILED Permethrin Treatment

Permethrin based creams are no longer a sure shot method to fight Scabies. There have been several reports of re-infestation in patients after a completion of treatment session with permethrin based creams. Going for a natural remedy like Dr. Scabies, which has no side effects makes more sense in this scenario.

Let’s read more about the disappointing results of permethrin –

1. The Signs of Failure

When a patient first finds out that his happiness was short lived and the bug is back, he gets very depressed and agitated.

The first visual signs of a comeback are the burrows and rashes. In case of re-infestation, the symptoms appear much faster as the body cannot fight the bout for a long time. The other symptoms include:

  • Persistent itchiness that refuses to go even after the supposed end of treatment
  • Appearance of new burrows
  • Appearance of the symptoms in close family members

2. Why Is Permethrin Failing?

Ideally, all doctors resort to prescribing a pesticide based cream on the first signs of Scabies infection. But it has now been affirmed that permethrin based creams are failing as their penetration level is not deep enough. So they might be killing the mites, but not the eggs. The life cycle needs to be broken in order to eradicate the infection.

3. What Should You Try Instead

Dr Scabies!

Yes, it’s way more effective than permethrin based creams and the good news is that Dr Scabies is a completely natural formulation that brings along no side effects. 

Dr scabies kills scabies mites

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