Skin Rashes: All You Need to Know About it!

Skin rashes are considered to be one of the most common health issues. People of every age experience it due to one or the other reason. Just imagine you suddenly have those unwanted rashes on healthy and beautiful skin. It is something that almost every living person fears of. Hence, it becomes important to understand them. So, here you go!

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You had a nice weekend on the beach, and returning home you find your skin turning itchy. Slowly it turned into red rashes…has it ever happened to you?

Well, having rashes is something common these days. Different people experience them due to different reasons. Basically, rashes explain some disturbances in the human system. And it is these disturbances which the reason behind the formation of rashes on the skin.

What are Skin Rashes?

If you start searching for the exact meaning, skin rash doesn’t have one in the medicinal or general language. While some describe it as a bump on the body, which changes the look and feel of the skin, others take it as an early sign of some contagious skin disease. These can be either confined to a specific area or they might widespread.

One more thing; rashes point to different kinds of skin types and conditions. Below are discussed the three major

  • Scaly patches which are not caused due to any allergy or infection
  • Scaly patches on the skin which occur due to allergy or infection
  • And the red, itchy bumps on the entire body

Are These Dangerous?

As far as the risks associated are concerned, rashes are seldom dangerous. Therefore, it is always advised to consult a dermatologist whenever you spot a rash on your body. Don’t go for personal diagnosis and personal medications. The reason being, in most of the cases it is found that such activities cause severe damage and danger to the skin.

What are the Common Types of Rashes?

Here are the three major types;

  • Irritant Contact Dermatitis: The popular kind of rashes is caused when the skin gets into contact with any irritant. There are different stuff, including detergent, soap, or a chemical, which does not suit your skin type. The best way out is to identify the irritable products for your skin, and then you strictly need to avoid them in the future.
  • Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Another type of rashes occurs when the skin comes in contact with any product that causing allergy. It can be anything rubber, hair dye, etc. When the skin comes in contact with any of such substances, it turns red and scaly. Later, a crusty rash develops.
  • It is also known as Atopic Dermatitis. Basically, it is commonly seen in the small children and it makes their skin to become dry around the elbows and knees. This also causes itching and if not give proper attention, it can turn into a serious skin disease. Often it is found that the skin becomes red, scaly and swollen. In case, you suspect eczema in your children, immediately consult a dermatologist and get proper treatment.

How to Care for the Rashes?

If a rash has already developed, make sure you don’t scratch it. The reason being, if you scratch, it will cause more irritation and will take a longer time to heal. Moreover, scratching can lead to greater infection or scarring.

In case rashes are caused by an allergy, it is essential to avoid the usage of those products. And you must consult a dermatologist to take a proper care of the rash.

When it is eczema, consult a doctor and he will provide you with a cream to deal with dryness on the skin. You need to regularly apply that cream. While it will help treating eczema affected skin, it also makes the skin smooth and soft.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."