Skin Rashes: Learning the causes (allergic and non-allergic)

Have you recently observed a sudden change in the appearance of the skin? Is the redness, itchiness, dryness, or cracking of skin becoming more visible? Then it is clear indication that you are having skin rashes. Though these are very easy to spot, but these are very hard to diagnose. To learn what kind of allergy is causing the rash on your skin, read on the article below.

Skin Rashes: Learning the causes

You might have come across several sort of allergic reactions. No doubt these can come in many forms and similarly, these can cause several problems. For example, the most common one, when there is the sneezing with the itchy and watery eyes. Another one can be trouble breathing when asthma is triggered by a substance in the air. In short, there are many different ways an allergy can affect your body and life.

Among all the symptoms of allergies, skin rashes are certainly common with all types of reactions. Yes, these can occur from all sorts of triggers, ranging from food and clothing to the laundry detergent. In fact, it can occur when you go out for normal stroll in the park.

Let’s explore different types of skin rashes which occur from allergies.

Atopic dermatitis: It is commonly recognized by the name – eczema. Basically, this allergic skin rash has certain characteristics including dry and itchy skin, which can be aggravated by soaps, clothing, laundry detergent, or even stress. The simplest way to treat eczema is following a proper skin care routine. It will includes keeping your skin hydrated, avoid using soaps with scents and chemical filled creams, and much more. In winters, clothing such as wool can aggravate the problem. So, make sure you use warm to bath and keep it moisturized using a natural moisturizer.

Contact dermatitis: One can get contact dermatitis is by coming into contact with something which irritates the skin. In this condition, a skin rash is caused with stuff like poison oak, fake jewelry, poison ivy, etc. Well, these are just to name a few, the list is very long. Here it is worth noticing that contact dermatitis affects the parts of the skin were touched. The treatment is usually done in the form of topical creams or lotions.

Allergic drug rash: Do you have an allergic reaction to some drugs? If so, then there are good chances that a skin rash will break out. Allergic skin rashes are generally caused due to reaction to some medicine. The worst thing is that there is no specific way to test that the skin for an allergy caused due to the medicine.

Hives: It is one of the most terrible forms of allergies. In this case a skin rash can happen on any part of the body. It is not just an allergy and this can occur due other means too. As far as cures are considered, there is no medicine for hives. The itchy, red bumps need to just their course.

Skin disorders: Though not all skin diseases are caused due to allergies. However, a majority of them causes skin rashes. For example, scabies, which is caused by a mite infestation, is known to cause itching and rashes, both. Luckily, for such problem you can use Dr. Scabies, a natural, homeopathic cream which relives symptoms like itching and rashes.

Well, not all skin rashes are allergies. Hence, it is recommended to visit a doctor or a dermatologist, and start with the medication at the earliest possible stage.

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