SkinCare: Are you making the same Mistakes???

So…you wanna go out on a date and thus you’ve applied a lot of make-up over to entice your to-be mate. Pity on your face! But, what you did before and after applying so much of the stuff on the face? Have you mistaken somewhere?

Let’s play a ‘Rapid Fire’ on the topic ‘beauty.’ Read the questions and check whether you love your skin or you’re just ruining it. So… get set and Go!

  • What do you do to your face when you just wake up in the morning?
  • What according to you is the best beauty regime?
  • What will you prefer: beauty soap or mild soap?
  • How many times do you wash your face in a day?
  • Do you exfoliate?
  • How many times a week/or month do you exfoliate?
  • How much you spend every month on your beauty enhancement process?
  • What about the sunscreen and moisturizer?
  • How much water you drink daily?
  • And.. Last, but not the least… do you eat healthy? 

Hope, the answers to all these questions would have given you a clear picture about what you’re doing to your skin….is it all beneficial or you’re just harming your skin.

Of course, every one of us likes to look beautiful and glowing every day, 24*7. In the urge to look wow, we keep on looking for ways to achieve the same. But, do you have any idea… in the efforts to turn your skin look wonderful, you somewhere make small, yet dangerous mistakes in your daily skincare routine!! Stick around to know the 5 common mistakes, which probably every woman does.. 


  1. Falling Into Bed With Your Makeup On

    Falling Into Bed With Your Makeup On

    How can you forget to remove those abrupt chemicals from your face before going to bed? You can be excused for one drunken night, BUT you can’t make it a habit. Beauty experts believe that leaving your makeup for the night chokes your pore and oil glands. The impacted makeup in the skin pores makes them appear larger. And once your collagen levels drop, the pores won’t snap back easily. Plus, it leads to inflammation.

  2. Over Exfoliating

    Exfoliation is a common practice today that probably everybody follows. But, do you know that even over-exfoliation can damage your skin? It’s tempting but very harmful to buff away too much of your skin. By over exfoliation, you’re actually removing the protective barrier of your skin. The removal of the top skin layer exposes it to environmental toxins and sun damage that can cause early aging. Exfoliate two to three times a week, max. 

  3. Ignoring Sunscreen 

    Whether it’s summers, winters or monsoon, whether you’re on your feet or in car…if you’re out of your home…. Sunscreen is a must! UVA light cannot be filtered by any window or glass (except the tinted ones) Even 50 percent of the UVA exposure occurs in the shade. So, make sunscreen your best friend. This will prevent you from wrinkles and discoloration. 

  4. Wrong selection of products

    Advertisements are all fake today; their sole purpose is to earn profit. Never go with them. A skin product should be bought after determining that it is appropriate according to your skin type and needs. So, don’t keep on running after your favorite celebrity or their endorsements. 

  5. Inadequate sleep and water intake

    Lack of sleep and water can cause your body to release stress hormones that can lead to lusterless, dry and flaky skin, fine lines and dark circles. Hence, make sure you drink 6-8 glass of water and minimum 7 hours sleep every day to get a healthy glowing skin. 

‘Bonus’ Mistake: A healthy nutritious diet can get you what you dream of. Include vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids and other antioxidants in your daily diet for a newer looking and firmer skin.


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