Sometimes I feel crawling on my back, is it scabies mite?

Scabies mite also known as human itch mite is an eight-legged bug that causes a common skin condition known as scabies. The mite is so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eye and the only indication of this disease is itching on the skin. This itching intensifies as the female mite burrows itself into human skin to burry eggs and feed on the nutrition from skin. The other indication of scabies mite is the development of rashes in the skin.

Symptoms of scabies

Itching is the most common symptom of scabies and if you feel something crawling on your back or other parts at random hours it can be scabies mite. If you notice the appearance of rashes after having this crawling feeling on your back, you need to check your dermatologist for any signs of infection from scabies mite. The rashes develop as skin reacts to scratching and spreading of mite’s saliva, faeces or eggs. Spreading scabies mite on your own skin is also possible as you’ll have the temptation to rub/scratch your back. If other members in your family are also having the same sensation it is high time you get a check-up.

How do you get infected?

Scabies is caused by skin to skin contact with an infected person. Since the mite takes 2-6 weeks to develop you won’t even know if you got infected. Having sexual contact with an infected person or using the towel/clothes of such person can cause the mite to infect your body. If you notice itching on your back after skin contact with someone it can be very likely be scabies. If you have not had any kind of prolonged skin contact with someone, it could be something else.

Recurring infection

Recurring scabies infection can be a problem for most if not treated properly. Indications such as crawling sensation on the back and itching should not be taken lightly and immediate consultation with the dermatologist is a must. If scabies occurs once you have already had it then the second time development of rashes and severe itching will be quick. This is because your immune system is already sensitized and you’ll develop scabies just in 2-3 days. If scabies happens the first time it will take 2-6 weeks to develop the infection.


Itching on the back is one of the most common giveaway that scabies mite has infected your skin. Consult a doctor immediately who’ll look for signs of rashes and mite tunnels on the skin to confirm the infection. Rubbing of special ink on the mite tunnel will confirm the fact as it will move down the burrow. Even then if the diagnosis is not confirmed, scraping from the skin is analyzed in a laboratory test by looking under the microscope.

Treatment and precautions

Once scabies mite has infected your skin it can stay forever if not treated. Now that is pretty scary isn’t it? So, the best thing to do is to take proactive measures and eliminate even the last mite from your skin. To do this you’ll be most likely prescribed dosage of permethrin cream or malathion liquid. Depending on the severity of your infection the dosage may vary.


Scabies, although is a topical skin disease but if not treated can lead to other infections too. Moreover, scabies mite can keep on laying their eggs and those eggs will subsequently hatch more eggs to increase the infection. So treat it ASAP at the very first signs. Crawling sensation on the back randomly during the day or night time is a telltale sign of scabies and should be treated accordingly.

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