Songs That Contain the Term “Scabies”


Here we have featured the list of those tracks with scabies term.)

Scabies is a common yet horrible skin disease. Caused by the mites, scabies torments the life with blisters, rashes and relentless itch. There are nearly 400 million scabies patients in the world.

Did you know? The term scabies has been used in many songs. Here we have featured the list of those tracks with scabies term. Play them now!!!



Artist: Morrissey

Released: 2014


Rabies full of scabies

Scarlet has a fever

Ring is full of ringworm

Angel of disdain

Poor little fella has got rubella

Liver full of fungus

Junior full of gangrene

Mine is melanoma

Tikes full of gripe.

Whippersnapper’s scurvy

Urchin made of acne

Get that thing away from me

Victim, or life’s adventurer

Which of the two are you?

Victim or life’s adventurer

Which of the two are you?

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Song: Homeo-Apathy

Artist: Leftöver Crack

Album: Mediocre Generica

Released: 2001

Scabies and gentleman

From all the way in the back of the foodstamp line

And straight outta **** lo-cash

That crackrocksteady beat drums

Throw Your Hood Up

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Song: Throw Your Hood Up

Artist: Rich Gang: Tha Four

Released: 2014


N**** what, what


What you say, what you say

If you bang, you know lames gotta pay

Hey, I get rid of all the haters with rabies and scabies

Bugz on My Nugz

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Song: Bugz on My Nutz

Artist: Insane Clown Posse

Released: 1994

But I like **** crackheads with one ***

And I do it at the drop of a dime

And I get the scabies almost every time

So let’s talk about my nutsac

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Song: Infested

Artist: Chocking Victim

Released: 1997




Happens just like that.

I’m sure I hate ’em, there ain’t no maybes,

Bodylice & crabs, headlice & scabies.

You take your pick.

They make me sick.



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Song: Molasses

Artist: RZA, Earl Sweatshirt

Released: 2013


chrome-grabbing when it’s danger

I’m a manger born puppy holding flight like a hangar do

Knife to the trachea spit, scabies and bet

The label don’t like me but they


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Song: Twat

Artist: John Cooper Clarke

Released: 1979

of scabies

I’ve got you under my skin

You make life a fairytale



People mention murder, the moment you arrive

I’d consider killing you if I

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Song: The Boozer

Artist: Love/Hate

Released: 1994


like a bitch with scabies

Restless, not movin’, where’s the place where the hippy chicks groovin’

Alright groovy hippie chicks in your mile high boots

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Song: Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt. 1


Artist: Watsky


Released: 2013

cigarettes or the commies maybe

Or maybe AIDS or scabies, rabies or zombie babies

Even the KGB, pray we be free from ADD, wade in and bathe in Hades

No army

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Song: Peeranoia

Artist: Cage

Released: 2005


Sure some fans will hate me

Still see bugs crawling on me

That’s how I think of scabies

Miss don’t hate the player

I’m on the bench now


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Song: Five Arch Angels

Artist: Sunz of Man

Released: 1998

dead babies!

You get rabies, from the bat bites

Dirty germs, and scabies, from the rat bites!

Your skin, decays, as you choke, and gasp


(Listen the Full Song HERE)


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