Strangest Complications of Psoriasisto Know


Here is how psoriasis can lead to some complications you may never have heard.)

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, psoriasis is the most common autoimmune disease in the USA as over 8 million Americans have it compared to 125 million people worldwide.

For a quick refresher, psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune inflammatory disease characterized by the scaly raised skin. Psoriasis can make you vulnerable to health complications like oral health problem, celiac disease, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. We have mentioned those complications in a different blog available HERE.

In this blog, we are going to explain some strangest complicated triggered by psoriasis.

Vision Problems:

Psoriasis can make you prone to eye problems. Therefore, you should also get your eyes checked out by an eye specialist if you start experiencing blur vision, vision loss or other eyes problem. Even psoriasis patients are more vulnerable to develop eye problems than the average person.

Psoriasis can affect the eyelids or eyelashes which is not easy to feel as the area around the eyes is sensitive. Eye psoriasis causes scales over the eyelids that flake off and get into the eyelashes. This way, you are prone to inflammation occurring around the edges of the eye as well as you experience redness and crusty skin. Rubbing against them to the eyeball can trigger prolonged inflammation. This area is not easy to treat as some topical medications can lead to serious complications like glaucoma, cataracts and increased irritation.

Gum Diseases:

Psoriasis can also lead to periodontal disease, thanks to the inflammation caused by psoriasis. Many studies have found that psoriasis patients are 4.4 times more likely to develop periodontal diseases than the average healthy person. However, these studies have covered smaller respondents; therefore more research needs to be done in this area.

Apart from periodontitis, it has been found that psoriasis can be developed in the mouth and on the face, including the cheeks, lips and tongue. This may develop during a flare up and signs may include inflammation and redness which can trouble your swallow or chewing if the signs develop inside the mouth. The discoloration of the tongue can also take place with white, yellow or gray lesions.

Ear Problems:

Psoriasis can develop externally or internally on the ear. When it develops internally, it causes buildup of scales within the ear canal. And this build up can lead to hearing impairment or loss. Make sure to get your ears cleaned out by a physician to minimize the problem. Not all treatment works safely inside the ear as the eardrum is delicate and could be affected by some topical medication. In its external form, psoriasis can lead to scales around the ear, face and scalp. The skin can be more sensitive than the surrounding areas so it is important to discuss what treatments can work.

Gastrointestinal Tract Problems:

Many studies are examining if microbitoa on the skin or in the GI tract can add to flare ups. Microbiotais found in the intestines, stomach and on the skin. It is made up of bacteria, fungi and other organisms. They break down the foods into enzymes and vitamins to facilitate the body’s digestion. Apart from that, they are useful in preventing infections—which is known as the microbiome. Researches are assessing the presence of microbiome and its effects as well on the immune responses. Other researches have concluded how microbiota linked to inflammatory responses that may cause psoriasis symptoms.

So these are some strangest complications psoriasis may lead to. It is better if you stay in touch with your doctor and report every usual and unusualsymptoms to them.

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