Tea Tree Oil and Scabies- It is a complete solution?

Tea tree oil is said to be very popular in the world of medicine. Especially, people who prefer going natural for curing different ailments, it is no less than a blessing. Find out how it is beneficial in treating the most contagious skin problem, scabies.

Tea Tree Oil and Scabies- It is a complete solution?

Nowadays home remedies are getting popular for many reasons. While people find them a cost effective way to treat problems, on the other hand these are safe in the long run. Among all the elements, there is one to score really high –Tea Tree Oil.  

Also known as melaleuca, and it is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties. With the ability to heal the wounds, it is a volatile essential oil derived from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia. Do you know it has been used for more than 100 years? Moreover, it has been documented in numerous medical studies for over seven decades, to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Besides, it has been well known to kill the scabies mites too. Being an itchy condition, scabies infestation calls for a proper and immediate care. It is therefore recommended to go for a natural solution like Dr. Scabies which carries natural oils and sulfur in most appropriate amount. However, when it comes to treating scabies, tea tree oil is said to be a topic of debate, especially about how it works. Therefore, below are answered the 3 frequently asked questions about this essential oil and scabies. Read here;

Will usage of tea tree oil kill scabies mites?

The good thing is that, yes it does. But there’s a catch in between the success story of this oil. You need to know that if properly exposed to tea tree oil, it kills the scabies mites. However, the trouble occurs when you try to properly expose the mites. These mites are really tiny and there are many on your skin at any given time. There might be many mites deeply burrowed and protected. How? Simply, deep below the skin, i.e. underneath the many layers of human flesh, where it is hard for the oil to reach!

How to use tea tree oil to help with scabies?

Without a doubt tea tree has a lot to offer. The outstanding properties are great for supporting your skin. While you can apply the oil to your skin, the other good option can be soaking in a bath with high concentrations of tea tree oil. But still, it might not kill those mites which are resting deep in your skin.

You can also use it to wipe your mattresses and pillows with a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil.

Is tea tree oil perfect to cure scabies?

If it is about the effectiveness of oil, you need to know that it does an adequate job of disinfecting the outside of your skin. In fact, it is ideal to treat your environment of scabies. As stated earlier, tea tree oil kills the ‘unprotected’ and vulnerable scabies mites. But it can be ineffective when it comes to treating deeply burrowed mites and also at killing un-hatched mite eggs.

So, sadly, it cannot be recommended as an all-around cure for scabies. If you or someone close to you is infested with the diseases, try out some other natural approaches to cure scabies. Dr. Scabies can surely be counted on. It is safe and effective.

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