The Effective Ways to Treat Scabies

As per the current studies it was found that over 300 million people around the world are suffering from scabies and that makes it one of the most common skin conditions.

The scientific name for scabies is Sarcoptes Scabiei is highly contagious in nature. Its working principle is a mite that burrows under the 1st layer of skin and starts laying eggs there. Since it’s a skin infection and in such conditions, if you are around scabies affected person, you might catch it through a close to close skin contact. Apart from the entire contingency, an affected person usually experience symptoms like itching, blisters, rashes, and lesions over the skin. The best part is it is curable with simple OTC medications and some home remedies.

We have tried to explore some treatments for scabies that can help your life to come back to normal.

• Get a Treatment of Scabies at Physician:

You must get it confirmed from a licensed physician and once they confirm that you have got affected by scabies then usually they will prescribe you several medications to treat the skin medical condition.

• Permethrin Cream is known to be the best:

Permethrin cream has been regarded as the best first aid and the healing treatment for scabies. The first thing that comes in line for treating scabies is Permethrin and it is prescribed to the adults and children aging over 2 years, but it is not recommended for pregnant women. It is known to belong to scabicide and effectively kills the mites and their eggs. All you have to apply the cream is twice a day on the affected region and within 3 weeks, you will start healing the medical condition.

• Lindane Lotion:

You might get prescribed with a Lindane Lotion. It is usually prescribed when permethrin cream does not work on your skin and it strictly not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

• Crotamiton (Eurax):

Crotamiton is an anti-itching mites remover. This helps in tackling the severe itches but must not be applied on the mouth or near the eyes or on the face. One cannot just prescribe it to a nursing woman, pregnant woman and children.

• Ivermectin (Stromectol):

If you get prescribed by Ivermectin it means you have got the severe form of scabies like crusted and classical scabies. It is usually recommended to those patients on whom lotions or ointments fail to work. Again it is not prescribed for a pregnant woman or nursing mother.

There are few other popular medications for scabies like Antihistamine (itching and sleeping), Pramoxine lotion (for itching), Antibiotic (for infections) and steroid cream (for swelling, redness, and itching).

One can easily see the improvement with these medications and in around a month, the improvement starts appearing with less itching. A physician can repeat the treatment if there is no significant improvement in your condition as expected.

• OTC Medications:

At the initial stages of scabies or in the minor cased of Scabies, one can easily treat it with OTC medications like lotions and creams. You would not need a doctor’s prescription for such medications. The best and the first option of treatment are preferred to Permethrin cream and it is easily available over the counter. One must stay in touch with his physician to mark the graph of improvement with OTC medications. You must make it sure that you apply it after reading instructions and do not go ahead without a good knowledge about the treatment.

• Home Remedies for Scabies:

There are many home remedies that can be used to treat scabies at home. It is because nature has given a lot of resources that contains skin healing properties. Some of the efficient natural remedies for scabies are tea tree oil, onions, aloe vera, and neem leaves. However, you should talk to your doctor before using any herbal remedies. See your doctor if you are seeing results with the home remedies for scabies.

Make sure apart from taking the medications, you will have to keep your home clean and seek isolation to avoid any contamination. You need to wash your clothes frequently till you overcome scabies completely.

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