The Most Common Scabies Breeding Environments

Scabies Treatment, Eliminate Scabies MitesScabies is one of the commonest types of skin disorders among children and adults alike. However, more than often when a person is treating someone from scabies, the attention is generally paid to proper medication and other precautionary agents.

However, according to the doctors, one must as well pay attention to those specific environments which facilitate the spread of this disease, and henceforth, curb the patient from venturing into those places lest the disease might spread.

Here is a list of the places which are regarded as commonest breading grounds for scabies—

1) Schools or Play Grounds

Schools and play grounds are two of the commonest places where scabies spread among children. Unknowingly, the children share a lot of things which transmit the scabies mites.

And, of course, unlike the adults, they are not able to hold any control over, let’s say, sharing the same handkerchief and drinking water from the same bottle, etc.

2) Rooms Where Two or More People Share the Same Bed

If a person is suffering from scabies, the patient’s daily necessities must all be separated from rest of the family’s. Hence, what better place to transmit the nasty mites than the bed shared by the patient and someone else?

3) Mothers of Infants

No matter who is suffering from scabies, the infant or the mother, spreading scabies in this case is inevitable for the child.

4) Cells shared by Two or More Prisoners

This is yet another most vicious breeding ground of scabies because in prisons, no matter how small or “big”, sharing of basic amenities becomes one of the basic necessities for prisoners. Hence, the spread of this disease from one to another prisoner becomes inevitable in this environment.

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