The Truth behind Tea Tree Oil as a Scabies Medicine

Learn here if tea tree oil can really help get rid of scabies.

Can tea tree oil cure scabies?

Tea tree has been used for treating several skin problems for ages. Thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil is obtained by the steam distillation of leaves from the narrow leaf tea tree plant generally found in Australia. It is believed to be effective for fungal infections.

According to one research, its antiseptic action can be more powerful than carbolic acid.

Again, can tea tree oil cure scabies?

Yeah, it can. Tea tree oil is effective for several skin conditions including scabies. It not only kills the mites, but also soothes itching, burrows and rashes.

What Studies Have Found About Tea Tree Oil?

There are not sufficient researches available on the efficiency of tea tree oil for scabies. But the existing studies showed that it should be given a try.

Earlier research studies found that tea tree oil is an effective treatment to prevent human and animal infestations. One study suggested that tea tree oil can kill head lice within an hour and remove the eggs within five days.

Although lice are different from scabies mites, the results show that tea tree oil can prevent parasitic infections, including scabies.

A recent experiment showed that 5 percent of tea tree oil solution can kill the mites taken from human respondents.

How it Works for Scabies?

The oil is antibacterial and antifungal in nature. That’s why it can kill the mites in its “radar”. However, it may not be effective for those living under skin burrows. The oil may not be absorbed by the skin to that layer. Top of that, the mites use their saliva to guard them, thereby protecting themselves from the contact of the oil. The mite’s egg is more protective, making it even challenging for tea tree oil.

Many scabies mites are likely to travel across the body. The oil can target the areas where a good number of them reside.

VERDICT—tea tree only kills the mites living on the surface or those having weak immune system. It may not affect those living at the “depth” or those secreting larva.

In spite of being inefficient on hidden mites and mite’s eggs, tea tree oil is beneficial for your scabies skin. It is useful when symptoms are mild at initial stages. It is like your “first aid” for the scabies.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Scabies?

Add a few drops of water to an equal part of tea tree oil. Apply it to the affected areas. Always use the oil in a dilute form.

Dr. Scabies Contain the Goodness of Tea Tree Oil:

So you must have understood that tea tree oil is good for the mild signs of scabies. It may not be effective for aggravated stages of scabies.

Don’t worry! Dr. Scabies is all packed with the goodness of tea tree oil along with other powerful botanical herb like chamomile, soy bean, sesame and palm. It penetrates the deeper layers of the skin for a speedy improvement in your skin condition.Its strong formula eradicates the scabies and mites’ eggs as well.

Or you can say that Dr. Scabies just improve the efficiency of tea tree oil by combining it with some more powerful ingredients.

Take a cold or lukewarm bath and use a soft and clean towel to dry yourself.Apply Dr. Scabies cream over every patch of the skin. Don’t rub the cream briskly over the scabies as it can hurt or aggravate the condition. Make sure to cover the areas including unaffected body parts and apply the cream on the nail plates and fingertips.

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