Thyme Oil – Providing all round protection since ages!

Thyme Oil – Providing all round protection since ages!

You believe in natural treatment? Well, you are not the only one. These methods are known to be more reliable and safe as compared to the other forms comprising of chemicals. You might have used different natural treatment for different problems, but do you know the one stop solution to several problems? If not, then you need to learn about thyme oil. Read on to know more.

‘Oil for all problem’- if this sounds different to you, then you are not known to the thyme oil. The perennial herb, Thymus vulgaris is a member of the mint family. And the thyme oil is generated from it. It is not new at all. Since ages it has been used cooking, aromatherapy, mouthwashes, potpourri, etc. Having a long list of health benefits, including their antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, hypertensive and calming properties, this oil is gaining popularity for all good reasons.

Let’s find some common benefits of using thyme oil:

1. Better Respiratory Conditions

If you are dealing with congestion, then it is a boon for you. It cures the infections in the chest and throat completely. Do you know that the common cold is caused by over 200 different viruses? And then these attack the upper respiratory tract, causing greater infection. Moreover, it is highly contagious, i.e. it spread in the air from person to person. However, the thyme oil is potent enough to treat infections, rid the body of toxins, reduce anxiety, treat insomnia without drugs and much more, making it ideal and natural remedy for the common cold.

2. Kills Bacteria and Infections

The antiseptic properties of thyme oil are due to the presence of components like caryophyllene and camphene. These are known to kills infections within your body and on the skin. In addition, the antibacterial properties inhibits the bacterial growth and act as a perfect agent to treat the intestinal infections and bacterial infections in the respiratory system, heals cuts, in the genitals and urethra or any other type of wounds, exposed to the harmful bacteria. This oil is also known thyme for its good efficacy against antibiotic-resistant strains and clinical strains. Being a vermifuge, it is well-known element to kill the intestinal worms and other parasites like hook worms, round worms, tape worms and maggots.

3. Supports Skin Health

The antioxidant, thyme oil protects your skin from fungal infections and harmful bacteria. For years it have been used as a home remedy for several skin problems such as acne, sores, wounds, cuts and scars. Moreover, it is known to relieve burns.

Are you suffering from eczema? Thyme oil can help you. Eczema is a common skin disorder which causes itchy, dry and red skin, which can lead to blister or crack. Reasons for this vary from person to person, like heredity, medications, poor digestion, stress, or immune deficiencies. As stated earlier, thyme oil’s medicinal properties helps to improve digestive system and stimulates the elimination of toxins. It also relaxes your mind, making it a perfect natural eczema treatment.

4. Enhances Teeth Health

For your all oral problems such as plaque, tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath, you can count on thyme oil. It is full of antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and thus kills all the germs in the mouth. Hence, if you need a solution which treats oral infections and gum disease naturally, you can go for this herbal oil.

5. Better Circulation

Blocked circulation is the root of problem like arthritis and stroke. Moreover, the oxygen deprivation can lead to several problems like death of cells in your brain, cognitive deficits, paralysis, seizures, language problems, movement problems, memory loss and weakness. Thus, it’s highly important to keep your blood circulating throughout the body, including brain. However, thyme oil is a stimulant and if you are facing some problem with circulation, this powerful oil is a solution. Usage of this oil relaxes the arteries and veins, which further reduces stress and keeps your blood pressure under control.

Being one of the strongest antioxidants known, this oil supports the respiratory, digestive, nervous, immune, and other body systems significantly. Hence, you need to keep it handy always.

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