Time Taken By Scabies Treatment For Recovery!

We all are aware how annoying scabies is – as it causes extreme itching on the skin surface and it’s contagious too. Another problem associated with this skin condition is that many people who are receiving this treatment may feel that their medication is not working. The reason for this is that itching persists even after your treatment is over.

Why does this happen? Do you need further treatment? Don’t panic. In this article, we will be discussing with you all the worrisome treatment reactions and enlighten you about the exact treatment time for recovery.

Standard Treatment for Scabies:

5% permethrin cream is the generally prescribed medicament for curing scabies. It needs to be applied to the entire body, including head, or as per the instructions are given on the label. Even try to cover all skin underneath hair and nails, as scabies mites can burrow into any part of your body. Do consult your physician regarding the proper application and use of this medicine.

Time Taken By Scabies Treatment

You need to keep this medicine on overnight. Next morning, rinse it off and also wash all your clothing and bedding used by the infected person. This routine needs to be followed for at least two weeks, so the mites that may have survived the initial treatment are also killed.

You also need to clean out other non-living things used by the affected individual – as scabies mites can survive up to 48 hours without a host body. It is also recommended to treat an entire family even if only one member is infested with scabies. This is because in some people it may take several weeks to show up the symptoms, so it’s best to be treated altogether to prevent any re-infestation.

What Is Post-Scabies Syndrome?

Don’t expect immediate relief after the first permethrin treatment because it takes some time for the lotion to kill the mites. Even after that, some eggs and feces remain within the skin. Therefore, you’re likely to experience itching for long until your body completely expels the debris.

The itching experienced after the initial treatment is referred as a post-scabies syndrome. In this case, people are likely to experience scabies like symptoms even after the mites have been eradicated.

What if the Treatment Didn’t Work?

There may be chances that the initial treatment didn’t work in the first place. Here are some possibilities for that:

  • If you didn’t apply permethrin lotion, all parts of your body. For instance, if you were told to apply it on your head but you missed it. In this case, you’re likely to develop more scabies mites as some of them were not killed the first time.
  • There are chances of re-infestation if your clothing or bedding were not thoroughly cleaned, if all members were not properly treated, or if you come in contact with some infested person during your treatment. 
  • The itching sensations could persist due to some other mite species that are also likely to affect humans. These include rodent and bird mites, however, these are not likely to survive on the human body, but may cause irritation.

Alternative Treatments:

Besides permethrin, other effective lotions to treat scabies include benzyl benzoate, lindane, sulfur in petrolatum, etc. Ivermectin (Stromectol) is oral medicament that’s also effective to treat scabies. Some natural ingredients to treat scabies include tea tree oil, lavender oil, neem oil, etc. Even Dr. Scabies cream, a homeopathic remedy, is good for treating scabies. This medicament has no side effects on human body and works effectively to treat the skin condition.

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