Tips to Fight Body Fat with FOOD

Tips to Fight Body Fat with FOOD

You opt for gym, aerobics, exercises, meditation, dance classes and dieting session to reduce those love handles and the hanging belly. But unfortunately, it leaves you with very less effect. You skip your meals, avoid taking your favorite dishes, but still you gain nothing.

Body fat is a great trouble for people, both emotionally and physically. Firstly, it affects their appearance making them look inflated and secondly it is very difficult to fight it.

But, what if we say that you can fight your body fat easily without leaving FOOD!! Have a look how???

    The tradition of “three square” meal is no more in vogue! Start eating 5-6 small meals a day. It’ll cause your metabolism to work continuously. Contradictory, taking larger meals slow down your metabolism forcing the remaining calories to be stored as FAT.
    Muscle-building is, undoubtedly, the fastest way to trim down. Hence, make sure your protein intake is sufficient to keep up with your weight. Take about 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight every day to aid your muscles in gaining rather than accumulating fat.
    Those who eat a salad before dinner are likely to consume fewer calories as compared to those who don’t. Eat a rainbow diet. Remember not to sabotage yourself. Avoid high-fat intakes like ranch, blue cheese and Caesar.
  4. CARB SMART All those who are trying to lose weight should keep their carbohydrate intake low to moderate. Rotation between low- and high-carb will help you keep your energy level up while running a caloric shortage. Good, fiber-rich carbs include potatoes, rice, oats, and whole-grain bread. Also, cut out drinking high-carbs like fruit juice after workout when your body needs carbohydrates to speed recovery.
    Cut out soda intake and rely on water and other flavored drinks instead. You can go for Crystal Light to get your everyday fluids. One soda per day means adding 1,750 calories per week to your diet! Studies have also shown that regular drinkers of diet soda tend to gain weight in the long run because of their over-indulgences.
    Alcohol consumption can hinder muscle repair and growth by temporarily blunting testosterone levels. Also, the calories from alcoholic beverages add up faster than you may think.
    Dieters and fitness trainers may ask you that eating fast and body fat go simultaneously because you end up overeating. But, it takes about 10 minutes for the food in your stomach to signal your brain that you’ve eaten enough.
    The aim of any weight-loss program should be solely to burn more calories than you consume. Make sure you cut total calorie consumption by about 250 calories every day. For this, you’ll have to calculate how many calories you eat in a normal day.
    Too much sugar in your diet can create havoc on your metabolism by lowering your insulin response and promoting the fat accumulation. However, immediately after exercise is an ideal time to ingest simple sugars.
    Excess sodium consumption can make you look weaker and prevent you to burn less fat. Drinking more water, reducing intake of highly processed foods and using potassium chloride to add flavor to your food can help you look leaner.


Eating a handful of almonds or peanuts can help you lose 62% more weight, 56% more fat and 50% more from their love handles after 24 weeks than those who followed the same diet without nuts.

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."