Top 5 Skin Diseases That Itch More Than Scabies

When one talks about itching conditions, the most common one is scabies with over 300 million cases recorded worldwide. This mite known as Sarcoptes Scabiei cannot be seen with the naked eye and it borrows into the host’s skin to lay eggs. This causes severe itching and red rashes which get intensified during the night time when this mite is most active. The itching gets worse if you scratch it constantly and sometimes creates sores which can be painful. The mite moves under the skin and its tracks can be seen as red raised color lines.

Treatment of scabies

Scabies can be treated by some basic precautions like constant application of topical lotions or creams. The application should be strictly done before sleeping to get the best results. Creams and lotions having permethrin, benzyl benzoate, Crotamition or lindane. You can also go for natural treatments which can be bought from FDA registered Dr. Scabies. One thing to keep in mind even after recovering from infection is to clean all the clothes, bedding, towels and pillows as the mite can survive for 48 to 72 hours after falling off the body.

Other than scabies, itching can be caused by numerous skin conditions. Most of them are moderately painful but some are very painful and itchy. Let’s have a look at some of the conditions that itch more than a scabies infection.


Although this condition is not dangerous, it can be highly irritating for the patient. Contact dermatitis is not that severe but atopic dermatitis can cause severe itching which won’t let you sleep at night. The symptoms include red rashes, blisters, dry/cracked skin and painful/burning sensation. Like scabies this condition is also spread by contact and also worsens with allergens.

Allergic Eczema

This condition is caused by sensitivity towards allergens and it is called as delayed allergy. The symptoms take 24 to 48 hours to show up from the time you come in contact with the allergen. People with highly sensitive skin or immune system develop this condition. The common things triggering it include perfumes, adhesives, cosmetics, sunlight, plants or even vegetables. Symptoms include severe itching, pain, burning sensation, inflammation, cuts, rashes and thickening of skin.    

Ringworm of body

This skin condition is caused by a fungus called Ringworm and it is a ring-shaped rash appearing on the body. It infests major parts of the body excluding groins, palm of hands, scalp or sole of feet. A bad condition of Ringworm of body can have multiple ring formations which merge into each other and cause blisters and pus-filled sores. Now that can be really painful and irritating for the patient.       

Stasis Dermatitis

People having poor blood circulation develop this condition and it occurs mostly in lower legs. When the blood gushes into the veins, is causes pressure and damages the capillaries and protein is leaded into the tissues. This eventually causes swelling of legs due to congestion of blood cells and fluids. The condition can cause itching and can be painful beyond belief.

Fleas and Flea infestations

Tiny reddish-brown insects called fleas feed on blood of animals, but if you have a pet then you can also catch this disease. These insects bite the human skin and this can cause allergy and itching. This can cause red spots and swelling which can be painfully and itchy. The more you scratch, the skin the more it will hurt. You can expect to have shortness of breathing, swelling of face area with flea infestation.     


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