Top 5 Super-foods for the New Mothers

You might be aware of the fact how important it is to follow a healthy diet during pregnancy. While majority of people pay greater attention to pre pregnancy, it is found that they overlook their health after delivery. This is certainly not good. Hence, if you have recently become a mother or are expecting to be, here is something more important. Read on.

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Firstly, congratulations to all the new mommies there! In case, you are going to be a mother soon, we wish you a great health and luck in advance. Hope you are enjoying this time, when you have (or about to bring) brought a new life in the world. Your priorities will change and now most of your time will go with the new entry to your family. While your world starts revolving around the little baby, it is vital to care for yourself too.

Especially, a good diet is something you cannot afford to miss. You need to breastfeed your child to ensure that he gets important nutrients, which are must have for his growth and development. And for this you need a balanced diet. It will help produce breast milk and replenish nutrients to benefit your baby.

Let’s have a look at the 5 super-food that promises a great health for you and your baby:

Milk: It is considered to be a must have food for the new mothers. The reason being, it stimulates the production of breast milk. And that’s not all! Milk is a rich source of vitamin B, vitamin D and protein, and these nutrients are highly essential for the overall development of your baby. It is often said that women lose calcium due to breastfeeding. Thus, milk intake turns out to be a good way to replenish calcium content in the mother’s body. Along this, it is crucial for keeping the body hydrated. For great health, it is recommended to have 2 glasses a day.

Oatmeal: After pregnancy it is must to add a potent lactogenic food, and oatmeal serves this purpose. It has high fiber content which makes it easily digestible. Moreover, there is a common complaint found among the new moms, chronic constipation. Well, whole grain cereals such as oats help tackling this situation. With this, oatmeal is also rich in iron. Hence, it prevents anemia and tends to enhance the breast milk production. It is also proven to help you cope with stress effectively. Top your oatmeal bowl with fresh fruits and honey for added benefits.

Spinach: For all the new mothers out there, it is advised not to miss out the leafy greens. Being rich in vitamin A, spinach is important for the proper growth and development of the baby and mother’s health. It contains folic acid which leads to formation of new blood cells. Thus, in the postpartum period when a woman loses plenty of blood, this folic acid can be helpful. Also, it aids in increasing breast milk production. Spinach is also rich in manganese which helps in building collagen, cartilage and bone.

Fenugreek: It is the presence of phytoestrogens in fenugreek which boosts breast milk production. Actually, fenugreek contains a compound called diosgenin, which significantly triggers breast milk production. In addition, it carries calcium, fiber and various other essential minerals and vitamins. Hence, it helps fighting digestive problems like constipation, flatulence, indigestion, etc. in new mothers.

Almonds: You already know that it is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. So, it is clearly understood that it is essential to have almonds. It is amazing and helpful, especially during the postpartum period.

Once you have entered (or going to enter) the new phase of life, your happiness is going to grown manifolds, and so will your responsibilities. You have to be very careful with everything, including your routine and diet. For the new mothers, eating healthy helps you recover faster and cope well with the stress and pressure of motherhood.

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