Top Eczema Mistakes You’re Probably Making

According to one study, nearly 35 million Americans have eczema. Eczema is an itchy condition with rashes all around the body. The frequent itch disturbs sleep and lead to days off from work.

Luckily, there are many medications to manage the symptoms of eczema. However, taking medication won’t be that effective unless you make some changes to your lifestyle. Or you can say that you need to follow certain precautions to keep eczema flares at a bay. For example, taking spicy food or scratching the itchy part can aggravate the symptoms. There are many people who don’t see improvement even with medications just because they fail to follow the precautions.

Here we have rounded up some common eczema mistakes that can worse your skin condition.

Taking Hot Shower or Spending Too Much Time in the Shower:

Hot water strips off moisture from the skin. Spending too much time in the shower also steals the moisture. And lacking moisture leads to dryness which aggravates eczema flares. It simply means that you need to avoid hot shower as well as prolong water contact. Make sure to take lukewarm bath.

Forget to Moisturize the Skin:

The aim of eczema topical cream is to keep your skin moisturized. Dryness can lead to itch and flares. Apply a quality moisturizer within 3 minutes of a bath to tap in the moisture. Also, moisturize your hands every time they are wet.

Using Perfumed Soaps and Lotions:

Scented bathing products like soap or body lotions can aggravate your skin condition. This is because they contain alcohol and other chemicals. Antibacterial soaps also fall in this category. Therefore, use the products that are especially made for skin conditions like eczema.

Here is a list of products approved by the National Eczema Association which can help you.

Being in the Contact with Eczema Triggers:

There are certain eczema triggers like foods, pollen, molds, dust and mites around you. It goes without saying that you should avoid them as possible to delay your next outbreak.

Not Being Careful with Laundry Products:

Did you know? Laundry products like detergents and fabric softeners can trigger eczema flares. You can get irritants on the hands while using them. Sometimes, their residues are left on the fabrics even after washing.

First of all, look for the hypoallergenic laundry products that are safe for the sensitive skin. Liquid products are likely to leave fewer residues than powders. Secondly, use laundry gloves if possible. Give your products extra rinse as sometimes as sometimes buildup is not removed with a single wash.

(Read Here to Get More Info on Laundry Care for Eczema)


Scratching is an obvious respond to get relief from itch. However, it may aggravate your eczema is several ways. For example, scratching can damage the skin. The nails can leave germs or contaminated debris over there. Instead of scratching, use a moisturizer or cold compress to ease your itch. Keep your nails short and wear gloves to minimize the damage caused by scratching to the skin.

Not Taking Right Food:

Be mindful of what you are eating as diet can affect your eczema. Many foods are inflammatory and trigger flare-ups. For example, dairy products can damage the linings of the GI tract which in turn leads to the tiny holes letting larger food particles to enter the body. This reaction causes allergies and skin sensitivities. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapes are highly acidic and contain certain chemicals like salicylates and amines which trigger eczema. Therefore, taking right diet is important.

Some of the best eczema foods are fatty fish, honey, beets and bone broth. This blog will help you choose right diet for your eczema.

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