Transmission of scabies- Explore details.

Scabies is among the most common skin diseases. If you or someone around you is suspected to this infestation and you are looking for a treatment, it is essential to first understand the causes. Explore details here.

Transmission of scabies- Explore details.

With 300 Million people infected with scabies mites each year worldwide, it entered the list of NTDs in 2014. The number is a reason to worry, and of course this is just an estimate. It is based on the people who seek medical help.

And then there are majority of scabies cases which are confined to places like nursing homes, among the homeless, and prisons, which go unnoticed.

Worried that what if you come in contact with scabies mites? For this you first need to know about the disease, and then the causes. It is then only possible for you to seek right treatment. Your search ends here; have a look at the detailed information.

What is scabies?

Basically, scabies is a skin infection which is caused by an eight-legged mite. While these scabies mites burrow just under the surface of your skin, they stay, feed, and reproduce here, leading to increase of infestation.

Due to the presence of mites, your skin will feel very itchy and there are good chances to observe those red bumps and blisters on the skin. Often, scabies is found to be a common disease in places like living facilities which are shared by many people. These include hospitals, schools, old age homes, dormitories and even nursing homes.

How are scabies mites transmitted?

You need to know that Sarcoptes scabiei mites cannot fly or jump. However, they can crawl slowly and thus can shift from one body to another easily. So, the most common transmission method is through direct and prolonged skin contact. This means, if you are sitting or sleeping in contact with scabies infested person for 15 to 20 minutes, there are good chances of being infected very soon. 

Where are these mites present?

Now once these mites transfer to another host, they move to warm areas of the body, including skin folds, around the buttocks and genital areas, between the fingers and under the fingernails, and in the creases of the breast. Plus, they are also common in skin areas under rings, watch straps, and bracelets.

Can these mites live off their host?

Although these bugs cannot live without a human host, yet they can survive for a short amount of time in the external environment. Yes, even without feeding on human skin, these can live up to 4 tp 7 days. Hence, they can be live even when transferred to surfaces, furniture, clothes, bedding, etc. used by an infected person.

So, now when you need to treat this skin infestation, you need a complete which kills off these mites and their eggs. You can trust Dr. Scabies which is a homeopathic remedy and safe on skin. It helps you get rid of scabies from root and prevent re-infestation too.


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