Treat scabies and stop the spread of germs and parasites!

Scabies is the skin infestation caused by the Sacroptes scabies mite. It a contagious infection that causes intense itching. When a person is infested with scabies mite for the first time. Its symptoms usually do not appear for up to two months. However, aninfected person still can spread scabies during this time, even he/she doesn’t have the symptoms.

Treat scabies and stop the spread of germs and parasites!

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If the person has had scabies before, symptoms appear much sooner (1-4 days) after the exposure. An infected person can transmit scabies even if they don’t have the symptoms. So it’s is very important to treat scabies as early as possible.

Symptoms of scabies

The most common indications of scabies, itching and skin rash that is caused by sensation to the protein and faeces of the parasite. Severe itching at night is its earliest and common symptom of scabies. A simple –a pimple like (popular) itchy scabies rash is also common. Itching and rash effect many body parts or be limited to common sites such aswrist, elbow, between figures, armpits, penis, nipple, wait, buttocks and shoulder blades. Sometimes the head, face, neck, palms and soles. Often involve in infants and very young children. The rash itself can consist of tiny bites, hive, bumps under the skin. The burrow tracks of the mite can sometimes be seen on the skin. They may appear as tiny raised or discoloured lines. Its most common symptom is intense itching in the area where the mites burrow.

How to treat scabies

If someone is suffering from scabies, the only way to treat that person is to provide him/her proper treatment. The infected person’s clothes, bedding and towels should be washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer. Treatment is also recommended for household members and sexual partners. There are several lotions are available to treat scabies. Here is some medication for scabies:

Permethrin cream, 5 percent (Elimite)

This is a topical cream thatcontainschemical that kills scabies mite and their eggs. The cream is generally safe for the adults and children that is above 2 months and older. This medicine is not suitable for nursing mothers.

Lindane lotion

Lindane Lotion should only be used in patients who cannot tolerate or have failed first-line treatment with safer medications for the treatment of scabies. Lindane lotion is not safe for the children under 2 years, women who are pregnant or nursing or anyone who weighs less than 110 pounds (50 kilograms).

Crotamiton (Eurax)

This medication is available as a cream or lotion, it is applied once a day for two days. Crotamiton (Eurax) is not recommended for the children and women who are pregnant or nursing. Frequent treatment failure has been reported with this medication.


Anyone can get scabies, it strikes people of all ages. Even people who are very clean can get scabies, it tends to spread easily. The skin above each miteturns itchy as a result of the reaction. Scabies is highly contagious but you can quell the itching by killing these mites. You can avoid gettingscabies by not using the clothes, bed sheet and ablanketof aninfectedperson. Unless they have been washed properly with hot soapy water. You should also not share abed with aperson who has an itch. 

Scabies will not heal overnight and you may experience itching for a quite some time. Practicing healthy habits during your treatment may help you to see the results faster. So get some extra rest and exercise if you can. However, if you are still experiencing symptoms after a few weeks of treatment you should see a doctor. 

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