Treating Scabies in Children Get Easier With Dr. Scabies

There are good chances for your baby to catch scabies mites having close skin contact with an infected person. Find out here how to get rid of itchy skin condition in the younger ones. 

Scabies in children

Got your child recently admitted into a kindergarten, school, or a nursing home? Is he now dealing with any of these signs?

•    Suffering from extreme itching which tends to worse at night?

•    Does he scratch a lot and the area is turning infected?

•    Did you spot a rash or some burrows on his soft skin?

If the answer is YES, then probably he is suspected to scabies –a mite infestation. These symptoms generally appear first on the hands or feet, which can later spread to the whole body. And it is not just about a day or two that these mites made you baby their host. Yes, if it is the first time your child got infested with these tiny bugs, he may not feel or show symptoms for up to six weeks. 

Don’t retain your child from going outside unnecessarily. Reason being, scabies will never be caused by playing in dirt or in mud. It is often mistaken for dermatitis and eczema. Actually, these skin conditions too cause intense itching and bumps. So these can be confused with scabies. It is always advisable to see a doctor to diagnose scabies at the earliest.  

What is scabies in children?

It is a skin condition which is caused by the infestation of microscopic mites.  Sarcoptes scabiei is an eight legged mite which is said to be responsible for causing this skin condition. Actually, when adult female mites burrow into your baby’s skin and lay their eggs, it leads to a reaction or allergy. It is said to spread when your little one has prolonged, skin-to-skin contact with a person who is already infested with scabies. 

Though the little mites cannot survive long without their host, yet they can be contracted from bedding, clothing, and even upholstered furniture, earlier used by a person with scabies.

What is crusted or Norwegian scabies? Can it affect my child?

This is another form of scabies which can be more serious. Usually, it affects people with a weakened immune system. Hence, if your little one is affected with any problem such as leukaemia or lymphoma, there can be chances of crusted scabies or Norwegian scabies.

Should I take my child to the doctor if he has scabies? 

In case, your little one has encountered the problem earlier, and you are sure that the symptoms are due to scabies, you can just place your orders for Dr. Scabies. You can treat these obnoxious mites using this OTC treatment. It brings forth a complete treatment package. While it is natural and safe, it works magically on mites. 

The perfect combo of the soap, cream, and solution can help you get rid of scabies mites from your child’s body. The use of these products suffocates the bugs and their eggs. Hence, it eliminates these stubborn mites. 

You can count on it for safety!

With each product being highly rich in natural plant extracts and sulfur, it is safe to use on your baby’s skin. Having anti-scabies properties of sulfur and the healing properties of natural oil, it relaxes the affected area. So it will minimize the severe itching and boost healings speed of those rashes and bumps. 

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