Treating Scabies In Children Now Gets Easier…

Being a very uncomfortable and contagious skin condition, scabies is commonly seen in children of all age groups. The major problem with this disease is that it can spread quickly among them in crowded conditions like schools, child care centers and nursing homes.

Treating Scabies In Children Now Gets Easier…

Here are discussed some major points about scabies in children;

What are the symptoms of scabies in children?

As far as the signs of this itchy disease are considered, here are few things you must know;

  • Initially, the skin starts becoming extremely itchy and uncomfortable for child.
  • After few days of infestation, you will observe several small red, crusty bumps which can further lead to extremely itching rashes.
  • In case of toddlers, i.e. kids under the age of 2 might develop rashes on head, neck, palms or soles of feet.
  • For little older kids, those above the age of 2, observe rashes between the fingers, wrists, hands, chest, belly button,   elbow, knees, thighs and along the belt line
  • When itched, you will find a scab appearing and it can become more infected with bacteria.

Now, in case you find any of these in your child, you need to know that your child is infested with scabies mites. It is highly important for you to treat the problem at the earliest.

How can scabies be treated?

When it comes to treatment of children, you need to understand that you cannot delay it anymore. As the children’s skin is highly sensitive, it becomes more essential to be careful with the type of treatment. Hence, you must look for a solution which is safe and efficient, altogether.

You can go for Dr. Scabies which is a homeopathic treatment. It majorly consists of sulfur and other herbal ingredients. While it is will be effective in treating mites and eggs, it will also work softly on your child’s skin. Being an FDA certified product, it is available over the counter or you can buy it online. Yes, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription for the same.

Besides, here are some natural, home remedies to keep mites away;

  1. Neem: Every part of this plant is used medicinally and it was found in a study that when a paste of neem leaves and turmeric is applied to the skin, it works magically to treat chronic scabies. The other option can be applying neem oil to soothe skin inflammation and reduce itchiness.
  2. Prickly Chaff Flower: Another herbal remedy would be the different parts of this weed. It has been used since ages in Ayurveda. Plus, these leaves are easily available. Just wash the leaves nicely and make a fine paste of it. This can be applies twice a day on the affected areas.
  3. Tea Tree Oil: Well known for its strong anti-bacterial properties, this oil is known to help in balancing the pH levels of the skin. Actually, it suffocated the mites present beneath the skin, leading to their eradication. But the problem is that you cannot directly apply tea tree oil to kid’s skin. For this, mix it with equal ratio of coconut or olive oil.

Though these are effective it keeping mites at bay, yet if you want a full-proof scabies solution, nothing treats better than Dr. Scabies.


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