Understanding Conventional Medicine and Alternative Medicine

When you get a disease, become sick, you go to a doctor, get diagnoses and take the prescribed medication or treatment, isn’t it? Well this forms the basis of conventional treatments you have been using so far. But often there is an argument on which is better, i.e. the conventional medicines or the alternative medicines. Let’s explore more about it.

Understanding Conventional Medicine and Alternative Medicine

Firstly, you need to understand that when approaching the goal of physical wellness, these two (conventional medicines and alternative medicines) have very different modus operandi. And along this, they play valid and varying role. Have a look at the example for better illustration:

For example, a person met with an automobile accident and his leg or arm is partially severed. While the artery is pumping blood, will consuming rich vitamin fruits or drinking green tea will be beneficial? You know the answer; it is useless.

If you wish the person to survive from the life-threatening situation, you need to take him to the hospital. Thanks to the conventional medicine, that will make him pain free and his injured body part work normally. Now later comes the nutritional handling, alternative medicine, which will certainly optimize the efficiency with which the body attains the long-term repair and recovery.

When conventional medicine becomes important?

When you are in need of emergency/casualty type care, have to deal with life-threatening situations, etc., in such scenarios conventional treatments comes out to be the right solution. Basically, these are the times when a quick fix is necessary. For example, in case your arteries are so clogged with cholesterol, will eating a bowl of salad will help you recovering. You understand that it is a life-threatening situation, and here you need to do whatever you can to fix the problem as soon as possible. Once the immediate emergency is over, it is time to look to the long term handling ways. You can stick to a Mediterranean diet and so forth to fix the cholesterol problem.

Which method to consider when treating parasitic problems?

Having those parasites inside your body can make life terrible. Hence, it is important to find ways to treat them as soon as possible. While there are different ways you can use them to treat, it depends on the severity and situation which, the alternative therapies or the conventional medicine would work better.

Conventional Medicine:

  • Certainly, the conventional medicines offer significant medication to eliminate parasites. However, these drugs can be quite strong. Therefore, they should be taken only when prescribed by a physician. Else they might cause side effects.
  • On a positive note, it is found that the conventional drugs work faster once they are administered. In many cases, one dose is all that is needed to treat the parasites.
  • There are some specific anti-parasitic drugs which are targeted to treat only specific parasites. This is a major downfall. The reason being, there are a lot of parasites which are hard to detect. In case, the person has several types, it becomes hard to treat.

Alternative Therapies:

  • Basically, these therapies focus on naturally cleansing of your body. It includes a parasite cleanse and few other natural remedies using several herbs and spices. The best part about these therapies is that generally they do not cause any side effects. Hence, when you are going with this option, the only negative affects you face are the symptoms of the parasites leaving the body. It can be crawling sensations, headaches, skin outbreaks, and pain throughout the body.
  • Another advantage of using alternative therapies is that you can count and take them even if there are no parasites present in the body. However, for conventional treatments it is not possible. The drugs are harsh and can cause harm if they are taken off the time.
  • These natural remedies are effective and efficient in treating all types of parasites including micro parasites and macro parasite. Hence, whether you are infested with worms, which are visible to the naked eyes or those which are not seen like bacteria, fungi and viruses, you can trust them.
  • For the parasitic infestations, some of the natural foods you can use are hot peppers, garlic, ginger, natural oils, and many herbs and spices.

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