Did you spotted a very itchy rash on the skin of your little one? The doctor suspected your child with scabies? Caused by a tiny, invisible mite that burrows under the skin, it is one of the most contagious skin infestations. And it is no surprise that this can affect toddlers too!

How kids get scabies?

As stated above, scabies is highly contagious and it spreads widely through skin-to-skin contact. This means if your little one comes into physical contact with someone who is already infected, the mites can enter his body too. It spreads easily in the crowded conditions like childcare centers and nursing homes, as there is a lot of close contact.

Also it is worth noticing that these mites can live for several days off their host. They can be easily present in the clothing, bedding, or other stuff which was being earlier used by a scabies patient. This further leads to chances of mite infestation in toddlers which come in contact with any of these items, through any means. And the worst thing is that it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks for the symptoms to appear after infection. Hence, you might not be able to detect what actually caused the infestation.

How to know if my child has scabies?

There are some common symptoms which can help you know whether the child is infested or not.  Basically, it starts with severe itching, which can be worse at night. As far as itching is concerned, it is due to a hypersensitivity reaction to the mite and its feces. The other signs of infection are blisters, small itchy bumps, or pus-filled bumps. With passage of time, the itchy skin starts becoming thick, scabbed, scaly, and you might observe some crisscrossed scratch marks.

Though it can affect any part of the body like elbows and around the navel, breasts, genitals, and buttocks in case of adults, but in case of infants and young children, it is found more on the scalp, palms, and soles of feet.

How to treat scabies in kids?

Scabies infection cannot be overlooked. It has to be treated at the earliest. You can visit a doctor or dermatologist any time you find itchy skin or rashes. The doctor may scrape a small part of the affected skin, just to examine the scrapings under a microscope. If scabies mites are found you need to start with the treatment. While there are many solutions available in the market, just make sure you don’t buy any permethrin based cream or ointment.

Despite of the fact that permethrin is one of the most common ingredients used in scabies treatments it is worth noticing that it can make your child’s skin more itchy. Yes, its application often leaves a stinging and burning feeling. Basically, it is a chemical made from a synthetic form of Pyrethrum, a common ingredient found in insecticides. The best way out is to use some homeopathic and natural solutions like Dr. Scabies. It consists of sulfur and several other natural ingredients which can help treating the problem from roots. The cream has to be applied to the skin and all over the body. In infants, remember to put the cream on the face, head, and scalp, covering the ears. Since scabies can cause re-infestations, make sure even the other members of your household are treated, even if they have no symptoms.


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