Understanding the Difference between Norwegian and Regular Scabies

Well known to be a very contagious skin condition, scabies occurs due to infestation with parasitic mites. But do you know the condition can get worse if you are a person with the weaker immune. Yes, the condition is said to be Norwegian scabies. Find out more details here.

Understanding the Difference between Norwegian and Regular Scabies

When it comes to most itchy skin condition, scabies is certainly there in the list. As far as the cause of the disease is concerned, the tiny mites are responsible for causing scabies. Basically, these are microscopic organisms named Sarcoptes scabiei var. Hominis which infest your skin and makes it itchy.

As these mites are too small, they can be hardly seen by a naked eye. Also, these mites can live, survive, and reproduce easily in the outer layer of the skin scabies. Hence, it can be problematic to detect and get rid of the problem. It is the presence of mites beneath the skin surface which produces irritations and allergy symptoms.

Now, if there are just 10-20 mites, it is termed to be regular scabies. But when the number of mites reaches beyond hundred, it turns into Norwegian scabies. Yes, there can be thousands of mites, leading greater skin infestation and problems such as with crusts and hyperkeratotic plaques.

What is the difference between Norwegian and regular scabies?

As stated, the number of mites leads to different form of scabies. But that’s not all!

Norwegian scabies is very different from the regular scabies. Do you know the person affected with Norwegian type generally have a low immune system? Yes, it is said to develop on those persons with compromised immune system.

Plus, here’s how you can differentiate among the two:

The symptoms are varying…

In the severe case, greater skin manifestations may appear. For example, the skin can turn blistered, red and extremely itchy. In many case, during the night the itch tends to become worse.

Generally, in case of regular type of scabies, it doesn’t appear on the scalp. But in Norwegian, it can affect the nipples, buttocks, abdomen, genitalia, wrists, armpits, elbow, toes and fingers. As the number of parasites is higher in Norwegian scabies, this is very contagious.

The treatment needs to be faster and more efficient…

If Norwegian scabies symptoms are recognized, it is important to understand that you should follow the treatment immediately. Else, you’ll end up spreading the mites and infecting many people. For this, you need something more effective like Dr. Scabies treatment. It is a homeopathic remedy which consists of natural and safe ingredients like sulphur. It works magically on the mites and eggs. Hence, it treats the problem from the roots.

To prevent the re-infestation, it is advised to treat everyone in the same time. Yes, Dr. Scabies treatment can be followed by close family members and friends too.

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