Understanding The Scabies Treatment Process

From diagnosing, medications to the methodology, here we have explained everything thing about scabies treatment.

Scabies is a contagious disease being characterized by rashes, burrows, redness, and itching. It is caused by mites. Despite being a common disease, scabies can affect daily life and turns worse if left untreated. Therefore, you should seek treatment to overcome the disease as soon as possible.

Understanding The Scabies Treatment Process

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The treatment of scabies goes through various stages we have explained below.


Do you have scabies or not? This is the first stage where a physician diagnoses you for the symptoms of scabies. He or she may rub some ink on the skin, and then wipe it off. The ink will go down on the tunnels under the skin, which looks like a line after the ink is wiped away. Generally, the presence of burrows and tunnels on the skin is enough to tell that you have scabies. However, a dermatologist can go for biopsy if he is not able to establish that you have scabies. In a biopsy test, your skin sample is collected to be checked under a microscope. If your skin has the trace of mites or their eggs, you may have scabies.


Who Are the Candidates for Scabies Treatment?

The treatment is essential for both patient and those who come in the contact with the former very often. This is because scabies signs are likely to occur after 6 weeks once the mites enter your skin. Therefore, to prevent the outbreak, household members and co-workers should see the physician to prevent the outbreak.

Medications for Scabies

Once it is established that you have scabies, a physician prescribes you topical ointments and lotions to be applied on the affected parts.

Permethrin Cream:

The most common scabies medication, permethrin cream kills the mites and their eggs as it contains insecticide. It is used twice in a day.

Lindane Lotion

Lindane lotion is prescribed when other treatments don’t work or produce side effects. It is not recommended to the kid’s children less than 2 years, pregnant or nursing women, or anyone having less than 110 pounds weight.

Crotamiton (Eurax)

Crotamiton is available as both cream and lotion. It is used once in two days. It is not recommended for kids, pregnant and nursing woman.

Ivermectin (Stromectol)

Oral ivermectin is used for complicated scabies cases, including crusted scabies or when patients have altered immune system. It is also prescribed when lotions and cream fail to treat. It is not suitable to pregnant/nursing women and kids weighing less than 33 pounds.

These medications may be combined with the following medications like:


For itching and sleeping

Pramoxine lotion:

For itching


For preventing infections

Steroid cream:

For reducing the redness, swelling, and itch.

How Treatment Works?

Generally, the medications can treat scabies signs like rashes and itching within 4 weeks. It is normal to experience itching and rashes in the initial phase of the treatment. Mites may not go with one treatment, requiring a physician to repeat the treatment.

Besides, you should follow the precautions to promote healing and prevent spreading infection. Maintain your personal hygiene and live in isolation unless you achieve complete healing. Don’t share your belongings and use vacuum cleaner across your home. Also, see your physician according to your follow up.

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