Useful Essential Oils You Should Have

Here is a list of some essential oils that benefit your physical health as well as emotional state. And they are easily available.

Before jumping into the list or anything else, let’s understand what essential oils are.

This is because many people confuse them with common oils.

Essential oils are the most concentrated form of a plant. They are the purest oil you find in the world. They are free from additives or chemicals. Essential oils are extracted from the plants using distillation process or cold pressing. Once they are extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that’s ready for use.

Since they are unadulterated, they are more effective.

They have been used for therapies and skincare for thousands of years. Even science has proved that essential oil can benefit mental and physical health. They aid digestions, calmness, disinfection and improving skin tone.

Here we have rounded up some important essential oils you should have at home.

Tea Tree Oil:

Well, you must have found it in some of our home remedies blogs. After all, tea tree oil is packed with medicinal values like antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also heals skin wounds.

Also termed as Meleluca, tea tree oil is obtained from Melaleuca alternifolica, an Australian plant. Local tribes and aboriginals have been using the oil for thousands of years. Many studies have proved the efficiency of the oil to remove bacteria, virus and fungi.

What are the Advantages of Tea Tree Oil…

  • Removing infections, fungus and bacteria
  • Removing odor and dry cuticles
  • Treating infectious skin conditions like scabies and psoriasis
  • Effective in head lice and bad breath
  • Treating acne and rashes

Benzoin Oil:

Benzoin oil is a golden colored, thick and aromatic oil extracted from Benzoin tree. Its key ingredients are benzyl benzoate, benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, coniferyl benzoate, cinnamic acid, and vanillin. Many oldest civilizations have used this oil for healing purpose and religious ceremonies due to its antidepressant, disinfectant, and aromatic properties.

Benzoin oil is beneficial for skin conditions, mental disorders and respiratory problems.

Advantages of Benizon Oil:

  • Treating anxiety and depression
  • Alleviating mood
  • Removing body odor
  • Treating infections
  • Detoxification

Lavender Oil:

In Latin, lavender means lavare, which means “to wash”. Lavender flowers and lavender essential oil have been used by the oldest civilizations like Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Persians as a bath additive and perfume. There are many health benefits associated with the oil.

Lavender oil promotes relaxation and calmness with its pleasant fragrance as well as healing properties. It contains linalool and linalyl aldehyde, which ease swelling, pain, infection, and inflammation.

Advantages of Lavender Oil:

  • Promotes sleeping
  • Treating minor cuts, wounds and bruises
  • Calming depression, tension and emotional stress
  • Healing the muscular pain and spasm
  • Useful for urinary disorders
  • Improving respiratory health

Angelica Oil:

Angelica root essential oil has been an age old remedy for therapies and warding against evil as well. Many communities have been using the oil to treat digestive problems, congested lung conditions and detoxification for centuries. It is also known for its healing effect on the nervous system especially for those with nervous stress and fatigue.

Advantages of Angelica Oil:

  • Blood Purifier
  • Removing toxins by sweating
  • Improving digestion
  • Hepatic and diuretic.
  • Healing depression, anger and hypertension

So these are some essential oils you can use to ease your common health or skin problems. You can use them in bath, diffuser, steam inhalation, massage and inhalation. However, it is important to take them in a right way. Here’s how…

  • Don’t rub them just anywhere as they may irritate sensitive areas like mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Only shop a quality brand of essential oil.
  • Do a skin patch test to see how your skin responds.
  • Discontinue if you experience irritation or discomfort.

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