Warts – The 6 Different Types You Must Know

Warts- yes, those unsightly and highly embarrassing signs which no one wants to face ever. In case, you or someone close to you has experienced having a wart, might be aware of the fact that how terrible these are. Here you will find about the different types of warts.

Basically, these are defined as small skin tumours which can arise unexpectedly and at anyplace on the skin. Often, these are round in shape, and later exfoliate like a cabbage. But all warts are not the same. So, first it is important to learn about the different types in detail;

Plantar Warts:

These types of warts are said to be caused by coming into contact with a form of HPV, that too in its natural environment. Generally, these types of wart are found on your feet, in fact at the bottom. Well, this is not highly contagious, but it thrives in warm and wet environments. So, going for gyms, showers, and pools is not advisable. It is important to note that you will not simply pick up the virus by walking around. However, if you have an open sore on your foot, this can be an entry for the virus to enter your bloodstream.

Filiform Warts

Being highly common ones, these grow most often near your nose and mouth. This can prove to be contagious when you use the same product which was already infected. It appears similar to the color of your skin and has threads growing out of them. These are bit unsightly and often upsetting for a person to notice.

Periungual Warts

The worst thing about this type is the place where they grow. These are particularly gross and you will definitely not like them. Growing under and around your nails, on both your feet and hands, these affect the growth of your fingernails. There are higher chances of the spread to your fingers due to nail biting.

So, in case you have a wart around your mouth and you bite your nails, the HPV virus simply enters the bitten area and leads to infection. 

Palmer Warts

Another type of warts which is caused by the HPV virus, but it is different. The difference between the two is that palmer will only appear on your hands and plantar on your feet. Similar to the plantar warts, these are noncancerous. While your immune system will easily fight them, these are not painful. In most of the cases, people will not experience any discomfort at the hands.

Flat Warts

Have you seen the warts growing typically on your face and neck? These are flat warts, and can spread across your arms and legs too. Majorly, this type of wart transfers when you use something already used by an infected person, for example, a razor or towel.
And as in the case of plantar and palmer warts, for flat warts, you need to have open skin to let the virus to spread from a blade of the razor or an infested towel.

Genital Warts

It is probably the worst type ever known. Also known as an STD, or sexually transmitted disease, these warts are pretty self explanatory. And, as the name indicates, it can have a major impact on your intimate and private life. The reason being, these most commonly spread through human to human contact.

Hence, these were six major types of warts. In the next post, you will get to learn some home remedies to treat them. Stay tuned!

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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."