Warts and Your Kids: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Warts affect kids more than adults. Here are the symptoms and treatments of warts in kids.

A wart or verrucae is the bumpy skin growth that appears in different colors, shapes and sizes. It can occur anywhere on the body like hands feet and face. Anybody can get warts, but it is more common in kids than adults. It is said that around 10% to 20 % children have skin warts while girls get them more than boys.

Warts and Your Kids

The age group between 12 and 16 are most likely to affect with warts. Warts are not life threatening and don’t create any health problem. They tend to disappear within 2 years though it may take long time in some kids. If your kids has weak immune system or having relating problems, chances are they can last longer.

Warts are contagious and your child can get them due to the direct contact with someone with warts. Apart from that, your kid can get them by using swimming pools and public showers when they are barefoot and have scratches or cuts.

What are the Causes of Warts on Children?

Warts are triggered by HPV or human papillomavirus, which is a noncancerous skin growth. They develop when the virus enters the skin, generally through the cuts or wounds. The virus triggers the dramatic growth of cells on the outer skin layer, resulting in skin colored or dark bumpy warts.

What are the Skin Warts Found on Children?

  • Common warts appear on the backs of the hands and on the fingers
  • Palmer warts occur on the leg’s parts like feet and soles
  • Flat warts are most tiny and smoother and enlarge themselves as much as 20 to 100 at a time. They occur on the face of the kids.
  • Fillform warts are long and thin colored warts forming on the chins and noses.

Reducing the Risk of Contagious Warts in Children

As it has been stated that warts are contagious, you must follow the precautions accordingly. Once your kids catch virus, it takes long time for the warts to become visible.

  • Tell your children to wear footwear or shoes while at public swimming pool and in public showers.
  • Tell them not to share their towel and underwear

How to Treat Warts in Children?

Although warts are not harmful, they can affect your kids’ self-esteem. Here are the treatment methods for removing warts. Please consult your doctor before using these methods

  • You can cover the warts with duct tape and leave it for 6 days. Remove it and soak the area in water. Do this until the wart is gone, but not more than 2 months.
  • You can use liquid nitrogen freezing which is effective but is painful
  • Ointments which contain salicylic acid or lactic acid peel away the layers of the skin.

So, this is all about the warts in kids. Again, warts are not harmful and they will be faded within two years. Before choosing any self-treatment for warts, please consult your doctor first. 

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