What Aggravate Your Psoriasis

Manage your psoriasis successfully by avoiding these things.

There are 7.5 million people with psoriasis in the USA. If you are one of those, you know better how this autoimmune condition torments life.

Living with red, raised patches of skin with intense itch is not easy. Even worse, the flares can be lasted for months. And being not curable is what makes it more frustrating. Top of that, the treatment can be a trial and error method due to the signs varying from patient to patient.

And this experience of a psoriasis patient says it all…

“I can only wear flip flops or no shoes at all, because if I do put socks and shoes on, it becomes really painful when my feet swell. Taking off socks is like peeling off a bandage, and the patches are painfully itchy but you can’t scratch.People are not educated about psoriasis, so when they’d see my hands they’d be hesitant because they think it’s contagious,” she says. “I got to a point where I didn’t leave my house for eight months except for when I had my doctor’s appointments. That depression hit me hard.”

—–Summer Scirocco (as she told to Womenshealthmag.com)

Medication is the only way to keep your flares in control. It helps manage the symptoms.

However, there are a lot of things that can aggravate your psoriasis. Therefore, you should be focused on the precautions. Here are the things that every psoriasis patient should avoid.


Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition. And stress just increases the inflammation level of the body. This way, stress can just worsen psoriasis. It will just trigger flare ups.

Whenever stress hits on you, make sure to take deep breath. Or you can manage it by performing meditation and distracting your mind.

Drinking and Smoking:

Smoking and alcohol can worsen psoriasis. Moreover, they can affect the efficiency of your treatment and prevent the disease from being healed. According to one study, cigarette ingredients like nicotine can affect the immune system and trigger skin cell growth, as well as raise skin inflammation. Jessica Kaffenberger, MD, a dermatologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, says that smokers can have most severe case of psoriasis.

Coming to alcohol, it can affect psoriasis in men more strongly than in women. According to one study, heavy drinking can lower treatment response in men. According to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, psoriasis can be aggravated with even a non-light beer or two to three drinks per week.


The medications for other disease can worsen psoriasis. Beta-blockers are prescribed for lower blood pressure, malaria and psychiatric disorders. But they can aggravate flare ups. Some OTC non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen can also raise inflammation. Therefore, talk to your physician about your existing drugs for other condition.

Cold and Dry Air:

Changing weather can also affect your psoriasis. For example, cold and dry air in winter with decreased sun exposure can aggravate your flares. Top of that, common winter illnesses like cold or flu can affect your psoriasis as they make immune system work harder. Therefore, taking care of your psoriasis skin in winter is important. That is just another blog given here.

Therefore, make sure to moisturize your skin and apply the lotion within 3 minutes of taking bath to trap in the moisture.

Skin Injury:

Having skin injury during your active psoriasis can be a “next psoriasis” spot. This is called Koebner phenomenon. It can be resulted from anything like vaccinations, sunburns, bug bites, scrapes to bruises. Therefore, be careful and wear protecting clothing.

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