What Are Possible Complications Of Scabies?

Question: My friend has been suffering from scabies from last one month and still the infection is there. He still feels so itchy and scratchy. Are there any complications that can result out of this situation? 

Expert Advice: Scabies is a communicable disease, which is generally caused due to the physical contact. That may be a handshake or sexual contact. Even it can be caused through the patients’ belongings.

Scabies starts with little itching and rashes all over the body causing irritation to the infested person. This continues to last if it is untreated for a longer time or if the body doesn’t respond to the treatment well.

So, the person suffering from scabies should not come in physical contact with any other person, else the infection will simply spread and cause more diseased people.

Complications of scabies

Scabies can definitely get worse if it is not treated on time. There are many complications caused due to this because it lets many other infections to the body and prolong the treatment.

crusted scabies treatment

Crusted scabies

This is also known as Norwegian scabies. This is the extreme case of scabies, which affect people with a weak immune system, especially the one suffering from HIV or leukemia or people with physical or mental disorders. Such people develop a crusty layer or scaly sores all over the body. 

In such a situation, millions of mites spread all over the body and it becomes too difficult to treat. Even the creams or lotions applied to cure it fail because they are not able to go beneath the crusty layer. 

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Prolonged infection

Continuous scratching can result into opening of sores on the skin and which invite bacteria to enter into. These are known as secondary bacterial infections and this occurs at a complicated stage of scabies. Staphylococcus Aureus is a causal organism of one of the bacterial infections, which leads to reddening of skin, formation of blisters and spores, whichacquireyellowish-brown color at a later stage. They are pus-filled and even very painful. At an extreme stage, it is known to cause kidney- inflammation as well.

How to avoid avoiding scabies to turn complicated?

  • Since scabies is caused due to direct physical contact with the person suffering it. So, the primary wayis to stay away from the person with the infection.
  • Next is if you come in contact with a person suffering from it, you should immediately see the doctor and start the treatment. This is a general precaution for scabies.
  • The person who is suffering from scabies should make sure; he or she disinfects his belongings at regular intervals.
  • He should take proper medications and lotions and should regularly see the doctor.
  • The person should not be careless towards his treatment else, there is a high possibility of converting it into Norwegian scabies.
  • Sulphur can be used in case of extreme itching; despite its foul smell it has proved to be very useful to completely cure it.
  • Carelessness at any stage should be avoided. Else, there are many chances of complication.


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