What Are Some Soaps That Can Treat Scabies I’ve Tried Creams But They Don’t Seem To Work!

There are no soaps in the market that can vouch for a complete eradication of Scabies after their use. Most of them are superficial and fail to remove the mites from underneath the skin.

It is important to use a good antibacterial soap when infected with Scabies. Keeping your body and surroundings clean is critical for speedy eradication of Scabies.

 Let’s see what is the most effective treatment for scabies and if Dr. Scabies can be relied upon without fear of side effects –

1. Try Dr.Scabies

A patient who is infected with Scabies will agree that the in that state of pain and itching he will be ready to try anything which promises eradication of the mites. But instead of going for pesticide based creams, try Dr.Scabies a HPUS approved homeopathic cream.

2. The Ingredients In Dr. Scabies

Dr.Scabies is made 80% out of natural ingredients that ensure that the life cycle of the mites is broken at the earliest and it is eradicates completely.

3. Sulphur

Dr.Scabies has sulfur as the active ingredient in its cream. It is known to be very effective against Scabies mites and can penetrate under the skin and reach the burrows.

4. Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil

The cream from Dr.Scabies also has Tea tree oil, which is a well known antiseptic. It helps in relieving the itch, healing the wounds and relief to the patient. It also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

5. Easy To Use

All products from Dr.Scabies are easy to sue and have no side effects. Just order a family kit for the family and ensure all members are treated for Scabies.

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