What Are Surfactants And How They Help In Controlling Scabies?

Surfactants are organic compounds that work to decrease the friction between two liquid bases. The Scabicides that are made for treating Scabies have surfactants that aid in the effective spreading of the medication.

Let’s read more about the role surfactants play in the treatment of Scabies –

1. Treatment of Scabies

There are different kinds of treatments available for Scabies in the market. There are some that are permethrin based and others that are based on lindane. Both these chemicals are known to bring along strong side effects and should not be used without consulting a doctor. There are also some natural and safe treatment options available.

2. Natural Products and Home Remedies

There are products like Dr Scabies in the market, which have no harmful chemicals in them. Dr Scabies for example, is a completely natural formulation.

Some people also try home remedies at first. Some natural remedies include Neem, green tea, Aloe Vera, etc. But it has been seen that they fail to kill the mites completely and only provide temporary relief from the intense itching. So, do not expect these makeshift treatments to work forever. Go for a proven treatment regimen instead.

3. The Role of Surfactants

In a normal course of treatment, a patient is advised to cover each and every corner of his body neck down with the Scabicide. The surfactant at this stage plays the crucial role of spreading the ointment well, in order to cover the infected area. The same is repeated after a week, in order to break the life cycle of the mites.

Dr scabies kills scabies mites

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