What Are Symptoms of Scabies and What Causes Scabies?

what is scabies rashScabies can be identified with its prominent skin rashes and extremely itchiness it brings along. A parasite called scabies mite that subsists on human skin is the cause of this itchy skin infection. Read on to learn about the symptoms and causes of scabies infection.  

If you’ve been looking for this information, chances are that you’ve noticed some possible signs of scabies’ existence already. While the mere thought of getting scabies infection can frighten most people, let us tell you that this disease can very well be treated provided you have the right information, take all precautionary steps and most importantly, get yourself treated at the earliest!

It is a contagious skin-condition that can get worse if not treated early. The best preventive measure to steer clear of scabies havoc is to discover and discern it in the earliest stages.   

What Causes Scabies?

Not every skin infection can be categorized as scabies.

When a parasitic mite called Sarcoptes scabiei someone gets passed on to your body (externally), they can hatch eggs and start growing in numbers, ultimately resulting in scabies infection. 

The parasite can stay alive under your skin for a long time but can cause a noticeable infection only when they reproduce. Female parasites are primarily immobile in burrows, but the males do travel through tunnels to burrow in search of females. Four days past the mating, a female parasite starts laying eggs under the skin epidermis.

The eggs surface on the skin and mature into adults in just about two weeks. The matured parasites will create new burrows and tunnels for mating process and the reproduction follows.

The movement of mites between burrows and their eggs are medically considered the main cause for itching behavior of this skin infection. 

Yes, all of this sounds terrible but don’t worry – these are all microorganisms; you can’t even see them with naked eyes.      

What are symptoms of scabies?

Because the mite subsists on skin, most evident symptoms of scabies are noticeable around body parts with axillary folds.

Mite tunnels are common symptom to scabies that develop as fine dark lines in loose skin areas. These tunnels can range anywhere from 2-15 mm and spread as a web like structure.

Such formations can be seen around the skin between the fingers, inner wrist areas and hands. Besides this, these web patterns can develop in other body parts too but you will notice them only when the infection is followed by itching.

Itching over rashes can increase from one skin area to other and get more severe. This itchy behavior can worsen with hot bath and even when you try to get a nap.

Scabies rashes are prominent with their red lumpy and blotchy façade. Such rashes are obvious in and around regions like thighs, abdomen, armpits and buttocks.

Scabies rashes get worse with time and result in intense itching sensations and pain; the infection can also cause minor damages to skin and at times, leave ugly marks. If not treated with appropriate medication like Dr. Scabies, these skin rashes can get infected with bacterial contagion. This will make the infected skin area red, tender and inflamed.

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