What are the Benefits of Oatmeal Bath?

Did you know? Oatmeal has been using for health and skincare for some 2,000 years as it is found mention in several ancient records. It is also one of the few natural ingredients to be recognized by FDA. So, it means that oatmeal is more than just a delicious meal.

What are the Benefits of Oatmeal Bath?


Oatmeal bath is tired and tested home remedy to ease eczema, bug bites, chicken pox, sunburns, inflammation and itchy skin. It contains anti-itch properties that minimize the pH levels of your irritated skin, thereby easing the itch.

Oatmeal bath also moisturizes and softens the extremely dried skin and protect the skin from exterior irritants.  The amazing benefits of oatmeal don’t stop there. Oatmeal is an effective natural cleanser to absorb dirt, oil and odor, thanks to the presence of saponins. Besides, it is rich in phenols and flavonoids that offer protection from UV rays and deliver antioxidants to stop free radicles.

After going through so many benefits, you must be eager to use oatmeal for your skincare.

Oatmeal bath is an effective way of using oatmeal for your skin, especially if you are suffering from itching and skin conditions. You should use colloidal oatmeal for the bath as it won’t sink to the bottom of the tub. It remains suspended in the water, ensuring a maximum exposure to your skin.

How to Prepare an Oatmeal Bath:

  • Use only lukewarm water to treat your skin affecting from poison ivy, allergic reactions, dry skin or chickenpox. Hot water not only worsens your already inflamed skin, but also steals moisture from your skin.
  • As the tub is filling from the faucet, add the colloidal oatmeal to the bathtub.
  • Stir it well.
  • Soak for 10 minutes.
  • Afterward, pat or blot yourself dry with a towel — don’t rub your skin because this can cause irritation.

Repeat the process up to three times a day to treat dry, itchy or irritated skin.

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