What Are The Major Causes Of Allergic Contact Dermatitis On Lips? How Can You Cure It?

The word dermatitis might scare you but it is another word for “rashes” in the scientific language. It is a bit difficult to diagnose this medical condition. Let us go through this medical condition and find out about it. 

What is allergic contact dermatitis (ACD)? Why is it so hard to diagnose? 

Allergic Contact Dermatitis is also abbreviated into A.C.D. It is an allergic reaction and in this type of allergy when a foreign substance contacts the skin and results in an irregular discomfort causes a skin rash. One of the examples could be the rash from poison ivy. The rash whereas occurs 2-3 days later, but exceptions are always there. You might get affected within hours or sometimes it may take even a week’s time. 

Allergic Dermatitis on Lips

 On getting affected by the contact dermatitis, the condition may last for weeks and sometimes it can take even 8 weeks to heal. 

Leafy Allergy: 

There are many possibilities of you going through a jungle or some wildlife sanctuary and your skin brush through some of the insensitive leaves on the way. It could have reacted within an hour or can make you run on your toes after almost a week. The redness of the skin and small dot-like irregular skin texture would give you an idea of getting affected by it. You can feel the skin getting the different temperature from the other parts and thus an inflammation effect can leave you suffering from Allergic Contact Dermatitis. 

Treating Rash at Home: 

There are few things you must be doing when you know you have been affected, do not touch the skin or try to avoid any sort of rubbing or brushing of the affected area. Wash the affected area with moisturizing or a mild soap and cool water. Do these as soon as possible will help you to get rid of the major problems on the surface.  

Dr. Scabies is one of the most trusted ointments in the skin treatment industry. It has been recommended by one of the most trusted doctors around the world. Usually, every usual skin itching or rash recovery creams have permethrin in them which can link up or induce cancer in the future. Dr. Scabies being a Homeopathic in nature, it has no side effects and can be treated on any type of skin with age no bar. 

For blisters, you can apply the cold moist compress for 30 minutes, and repeat it thrice a day. 

If the skin gets damaged, apply moisturizers on it. You will have to re-apply several times a day to restore the protective layer. 

Try to avoid many oral medications as it may cause in delayed replenishing of the skin protective layer.

When to call for a doctor?

You need to seek for a medical attention if the affected area is painful or irritates you a lot or if the symptoms continue for weeks. You will need to visit your doctor and you will need to tell him each and every possible detail like what happened and how you took the first aids. 

On examining the severity of it, he might prescribe you the steroid pills or ointments. Your doctors may ask you for skin tests to determine what you are allergic to. 

If there is something like you can’t avoid what is bothering your skin, discuss it with your doctor about wearing gloves or use of creams on regular basis to keep it safe. 

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