What are the risk factors of scabies?

What are the risk factors of scabies?

Scabies is caused by the Sarcoptes Scabiei and results into irritation and itchiness all over the skin. Scabies is caused by the infestation of the female mite that creates burrows into the skin where it lays eggs to survive and spread to the entire body.

The following article deals with risk factors associated with scabies and the way to deal with them.


The scabies mite results into intense itching which gets worse during night. The scabies infestation requires immediate attention as the itching gets worse and can even reach to a complicated stage.

Moreover, scabies infection gets easily transferred from person to person; therefore, people living in close vicinity with the patient have to be treated equally. People in homes, nursing homes or anyone living in crowded, unhygienic conditions are likely to catch scabies easily.

How does the scabies spread?

In most cases, Scabies is a result of close physical contact with the patient of the disease. But it can even spread by sharing of personal belongings such as bedding or clothing with the infected person. Sexual partners of the person infected with scabies are also at equal intensity of getting infected with scabies.

Therefore, it’s advisable for the scabies patient to be isolated for few weeks and also disinfect all the personal belongings on a daily basis to avoid infection from multiplying and spreading further.

Once the person is infected with scabies mite it takes around a week to show up symptoms for scabies. After the infestation the scabies female mite creates burrows beneath the skin to lay eggs. It just three to four days for the eggs to hatch, after which the larva resurfaces to mature again and spread across other body parts. Since scabies eggs get hatched quickly and also mature at a rapid rate, therefore it is considered as a highly infectious disease.

How Scabies is detected?

The scabies mite is microscopic in nature and therefore doctors confirm the presence of scabies with the help of a scrap test. In this a portion of affected skin is taken and then examined under the microscope. The burrows created by the mites and the scabies mites are clearly visible under the microscope which confirms the presence of scabies.

Another way to detect presence of scabies mites over the body is through ink test. In this the ink is applied over the affected area with the help of alcohol pad. After you rub with the alcohol pad and the ink still remains on the skin then it confirms the presence of scabies. Normally, the ink highlights the burrows created by the mites which confirm that the person is infected with scabies.

Risks associated with scabies

Scabies can turn complicated if the treatment is not done properly. In some cases, there are chances of re-lapse of disease if the treatment is discontinued without the consultation of the doctor.

Impetigo, is a bacterial infection and is the most common complication associated with scabies.

Another possibility is Crusted scabies which generally affects people in nursing homes and with weakened immune systems. It is highly contagious form of scabies and affects larger portions of the body. A person infested with crusted scabies has millions of mites all over the body.

Scabies treatment

Since scabies is a contagious skin disease, therefore it has to be treated on time before it gets complicated. There are both natural and medicinal methods to cure scabies depending on the intensity of the infection. Following are some of the medicines used for the scabies treatment.

Permethrin cream

This is prescribed initially when the person is detected with scabies. Permethrin 5% can kill the scabies mites and cure the disease. It is generally applied once in a week but its best consult to the doctor to make sure you use it in a safe quantity.


10% crotamiton is available as a lotion and cream and is used to reduce the itchiness and kill the scabies mites. It can be applied before going to sleep every night and can be washed the next morning while bathing.

Dr scabies cream

Dr Scabies cream is also a safe and over the counter drug for treatment of scabies infestation. It consists of natural in natural ingredients and therefore is safe for use without causing any side-effects.

The main ingredients of Dr Scabies cream are soy & Jojoba Oils, MelaleucaAlternifolia Leaf Oil and ChamomileExtracts which are powerful enough to blow off the mites from the skin.

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