What can make your bum too itchy?

Just imagine you are sitting in an office meeting and your bum turns too itchy. Certainly, it will be an embarrassing condition and can be a seriously irritating matter. If this is something which happens once or twice, you might ignore it. However, if pain is included and you suspect signs like red rash, swelling, etc. you cannot overlook the problem. Reason being, if you don’t pay attention to such skin condition, it might turn into something very serious.

When it comes to rectal itch, anal itch, or rectum itch, it might not be as normal as it appears. These have a reason for happening. It will be important to diagnose the problem and treat it effectively to stop you from scratching your bum every now and then. The reasons can be simple at times. For instance, it can be due to sweat that the itching occurs in-between the bum crack. In such as case, you can just go for a thorough clean with soap and water. What if proper cleaning doesn’t help out in the longer run?

For this you need to know about the different skin conditions which might be a reason behind itchy bum. Have a look:

  1. Hidradenitis suppurativa: In case your hair follicle becomes blocked, the sweat glands beneath the hair root starts turning congested and inflamed. Due to this sweat glands can weaken and turn into pockets of fluid under the skin. After this you skin starts appearing like acne, and later scarring can occur. While the big boils might need to be drained, you might have to go for a course of antibiotics to reduce the inflammation.
  2. Scabies: You might not believe this, but yes, scabies too can affect your bum. Those creepy crawlies can hide under your skin for several weeks and the signs like itching, rashes, etc. can take few days to appear. As this skin condition is very contagious, it has to be treated at the earliest. For this purpose you need a solution which is efficient and safe on your skin. Dr. Scabies is one such homeopathic remedy which can treat the problem from its roots. Having natural ingredients, it is recommended and trusted by experts.
  3. Psoriasis: Wondering if people really get psoriasis around the rectum? Often it is about the groin, scalp, ears, elbows and knees, where this problem usually affects. But you need to know that this problem in linked with the buttock area too. If you spot some recurring rashes, these might be caused by a variation in your immune system. This can further make your skin appear red and thickened, followed by formation of a white or silvery crust. For the treatments, there are several medications for treating Psoriasis. In case, you suspect the same, you can choose among the skin ointments and oral medication to ultraviolet light protection creams, for making your bum itch-free.
  4. Tinea Cruris: Also known as Jock itch, it is referred to a fungus infection of the skin. Similar to the former skin condition, it is also said to be attacking the groin and upper thigh area. But in some cases, it can reach the bum crack too. The primary symptoms include bright red or red-brown patch of skin, which is often accompanied with a well-defined border. The only good thing is that this type of itch is a primary symptom and can be treated at home.

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