What causes classical scabies and how to treat it?

What causes classical scabies and how to treat it?

Scabies is a skin infection that causes itchiness all over the skin. It is caused by human itch mite called as Sarcoptes Scabiei which gets transmitted through close physical contact with a patient of scabies. The initial symptoms of scabies are noticed around 2-3 weeks of the infestation and can continue to get worse if untreated. This form of scabies is also knows as classical scabies.

The following article is about classical scabies- causes, symptoms and treatment.

Scabies is a more widespread and common skin infection condition which affects millions of people every year. The only way to cure is through medical treatments along with basic precautions.

There are basically two forms of scabies-classical scabies and crusted scabies which is a complicated from of classical scabies.

This article includes the causes, symptoms and treatment of classical scabies.

What Causes Classical Scabies?

The scabies mite called as Sarcoptes scabiei is microscopic insect which creates tiny burrows beneath the skin where it lays eggs which develop into new mites on hatching and continue to spread to other body part.

Since the mites are not capable of jumping, therefore the only they can get transferred from one body to another is through close physical contact. Physical contact can be in the form of hugging, prolonged handshake and sexual contact with the patient of scabies. The mites can also get transferred due to sharing of belongings of scabies patient but the chances are less because the mites cannot survive for a longer time without the human body.

What Are The Symptoms of Classical Scabies?

After the infestation of scabies it takes around 2-6 weeks for the first symptoms to appear. Following are the symptoms of scabies:

Itching – The itching in case of scabies infestation is different from other skin allergies. In this the person will experience severe itching which gets worse during the night and also after a hot bath.

Rash – Rashes are also one of the symptoms of scabies which can be noticed easily on elbows, knees, hands, wrists, the skin around the belly button, and the feet. Rashes are a result of intensive itching and scratching which can even occur all over the body. But even if there are rashes all over the body it doesn’t mean the mites have captured the whole body. Initially, there are just 10-15 mites living on the patient yet result into rashes in a variety of places.

Mite Burrows – The scabies mites also create burrows that are at times even visible over the skin. The burrows are like tiny tracks usually between 2 and 15 mm long which can vary in color from red, silver, or darkish colors. They are more commonly found at skin folds, around the buttocks or breasts, the groin, and behind the knee.

Treating the scabies mites

There are various anti-scabies medicines for treatment of scabies but it is best to consult a doctor before you use a medicine especially if you are pregnant, allergic or have any other skin condition. Also children and people with weakened immune system should use the medicine only after the doctor’s recommendation.

Usually, permethrin is recommended by the doctor in the beginning for killing the mites. It has to be applied once during a week and then repeated in the next week. In case there is no change in the condition then the doctor changes the medicine or dose of the prescribed medicine.

Dr Scabies is also one of the popular recommendations by the doctor for treatment of scabies. It contains sulfur and natural ingredients which help to treat scabies effectively without causing any side-effects. Dr Scabies cream can be obtained as an over the counter drug and even bought online.

One more thing that has to be taken care of during scabies treatment is that everyone in the vicinity of the patient-family, friends, colleagues, classmates or any other person should also be treated for safeguarding them from getting infected.

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