What Causes Scabies? See Scabies Symptoms In Picture

Scabies is a dermatologic condition cause itching and rashes. It can develop in any body part. A doctor can diagnose it by examining your skin under a microscope or simply by looking at your rashes. The condition develops because of an eight-legged itchy microscopic mite called Sarcoptes Scabiei.

What Causes Scabies

Every year, the skin condition affects millions of people of all age groups and races in the world. The condition is highly transmissible and can spread from person to person very easily through close physical contact. Here are a few main reasons that cause Scabies in a person. Also, know more about its key symptoms and available treatment.


Scabies is an infectious disease of the human itch mite, also known as the Sarcoptes Scabiei mite. After getting under your skin, the microscopic female mite lays its eggs inside your skin to survive. Once the eggs hatched, the larvae move to the surface of the skin and spread across the body or to another person through a close physical contact.

Humans are not the only species affected by the skin condition. Dogs, cats, and other animals can also get infected. Each species get has a unique type of mite. If a human comes in a contact of non-human animal mites; he may experience a mild, transient skin reaction. Chances of a full-body human infection with animal mite is rare.

The dermatologic condition can spread via direct skin-to-skin contact or by using a towel, furniture, blood and things infested with the mites. Here are some of the most likely people to become infested with mites include:

  • Residents of healthcare facilities 
  • Old-aged people
  • Children in daycare school
  • Parents of young children
  • Sexually active people
  • People with multiple sexual partners
  • People with the poor immune system, including HIV/AIDS patients

Symptoms of scabies

After the initial starting to scabies in a person, symptoms can take up to five to six weeks to appear. The symptoms usually appear more quickly in people who’ve had scabies in the past.

The most common symptoms of scabies include rashes (appears red in color) and intense itching that gets worse at night. Continuous scratching of the affected skin can develop sores that become infected, and only can be treated with antibiotics to stop adverse skin infections.

Body parts that are highly prone to get scabies in children and adults include:

  • Wrist
  • Area between the fingers
  • Elbow
  • Armpit 
  • Nipples
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Penis

Body parts that are highly prone to get scabies in babies and toddlers

  • Head
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Mouth
  • Hands
  • Soles of the feet

Norwegian scabies (adverse type of scabies)

Norwegian or crusted scabies is an adverse form of scabies spread in the same way as normal scabies. It is highly contagious and require instant medications. The condition develops thick crusts of skinthat contain thousands of mites and eggs. Crusted scabies appear on affected body part as:

  • Thick dry layer
  • Gray
  • Can be easily crumbled

Treatment options and home remedies for a scabies infestation

Mite killer cream: A person with scabies should apply a mite killer cream to the treatable skin area.  Permethrin (Elimite) is a commonly prescribed mite killer ointment or the purpose.

Lindane lotion: This lotion is a chemical treatment, recommended only to persons for whom other treatments didn’t work. This medication is not safe for children younger than 10 years. Pregnant women and people who weighs less than 110 pounds (50kg) also cannot use this medication.

Crotamiton (Eurax): You can use this medication as a cream or lotion to treat the affected skin area. It only can be applied once in two days. It is not safe for pregnant women, children less than 10 years and adults elder than 65 years.

Ivermectin (Stromectol): This is an oral medication commonly prescribed to people with altered immune systems, crusted scabies and to people who didn’t get any relief from above lotions and creams. It is not safe for pregnant women and people who weigh less than 33 pounds (15kg).

These medications kill itch mites promptly. People who can’t use these medicines, your doctor will prescribe you other topical medications, such as sulfur compounded in petrolatum.

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