What Do I Need To Know About Sulfur Ointment? How It Is Related To Scabies?

Sulfur has been used to treat various skin conditions in the form of soaps, lotions, creams and ointments. It is considered to be highly effective and also safe for treating scabies. For more details read the article below.

Sulfur is known to be very effective for the treatment of Scabies. It is important to follow the instructions carefully when using a sulfur based treatment for Scabies.

1. Why is Sulfur so popular?

Sulfur is often used for treating Scabies in infants and pregnant women. It is moist suited for patients who do not want to be treated by a pesticide or permethrin based treatment. It is most suited for patients, who are looking for a treatment that has no side effects and is equally effective.

2. Effective for Scabies

It has been seen that products that have a sulfur base were very successful in eradicating the Scabies infection and minimized any chances of a re-infestation. In a matter of few days most patients reported that the itching subsided considerably.

3. Go for Dr. Scabies

Dr.Scabies is a well known product for treating Scabies. It is the safest treatment in the market today that eradicates skin infection naturally. The most active ingredient in this product is sulfur. It is in the most permissible levels, approved by the HPUS.

4. Top Quality Of Ingredients

Dr. Scabies products are made with the finest natural ingredients and are 80% natural. They fall true on safety standards laid down and have excellent quality. Dr. Scabies strongly believes that only sulfur is the active chemical that can get rid of the Scabies infection in humans.

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