What do you expect after scabies treatment?

Many people who are undergoing scabies treatment feel that the scabies treatment is not working for them. This leaves then anxious and they start making constant trips to the doctor. But unnecessary additional treatments may cause a potential toxic reaction. It also adds to extra bill and stress related to finding the best cure.

What do you expect after scabies treatment?

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But trust us; there is no need to be too stressed about it. If you follow proper directions of a doctor along with thorough routine clean up, you’ll easily get rid of this annoying skin condition. In this article, we’ll tell you about the entire scabies treatment and how you need to follow up to get back to normal.

Treatment for scabies

The standard treatment for scabies is to apply 5% permethrin cream and make sure that you cover the entire parts of your body - even the skin including hair and nails. Follow the complete instructions that are given by your doctor. You’ll be instructed to keep the ointment/lotion overnight and wash it in the next morning. But along with that you also need to wash off your laundry, bedding and other items that you may have touched. If the items cannot be washed, you need to keep them a sealed plastic bag for at least 5 days so that the mites themselves are killed without a host body.

Also, clean up your entire house using a vacuum cleaner. You need to follow this routine for a week and even during the second treatment process. The second treatment is required to kill the mites that may have remained as eggs during the first treatment but later hatched into full-grown mites. As there is no medicine to kill eggs, so you need to wait for the second treatment to kill all the mites completely.

Post-scabies syndrome

You may not feel immediate relief even after the first treatment, as the debris and eggs may still remain under your skin. It takes around 48-72 hours to kill the mites and even after that the remains and feces of mites are present inside. The body needs a lot of time to eradicate these dead remains. During the time when the body is trying to expel out debris, so you’re likely to experience some itching. This condition is called post-scabies syndrome when body exhibits a long-lasting immune reaction.

So, you must be prepared for this kind of body reaction and don’t panic thinking that you have again contracted scabies. However, you need to be in constant touch with your doctor to keep analyzing the symptoms closely.

It’s not scabies, it’s post-scabies syndrome

Along with itching, you may experience itchy bumps in random places and feel that some areas were unaffected even after the permethrin treatment. These bumps may continue to appear even after three months of the complete treatment. But these are the signs of the post-scabies syndrome.

Probably it becomes very difficult for a person who has suffered the trauma of an infestation to ignore these newly emerging bumps and trust the treatment. But the skin will get back to normal with time.

What you’re sure that the treatment didn't work?

This may be possible in the following conditions:

  • Inadequate coverage of the body with the permethrin cream. If you’ve not applied the cream on the entire body as recommended by the doctor.
  • Another cause of re-infestation is if clothing and bedding were not properly cleaned or you may contract it from a family member who was not treated at the same time.

In case of re-infestation, you need to seek immediate medical attention to get the treatment done all over again.


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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."