What Effects Scabies Can Leave On Your Body?

While treating scabies isn’t difficult, you still need to do a lot of work after you have cured yourself of scabies. Even after getting treated completely, your skin still has to undergo a great deal of healing to become healthy completely.

Post scabies syndrome is a condition that affects many people who have undergone the scabies treatment. It is also known as nodular syndrome sometimes. Post scabies treatment is a very sore condition and it makes people feel that they’ve contracted the scabies infestation another time, even after healing once.

Though the medications you take for treating scabies kills the mites, the dead mites tend to remain under your skin and it takes six weeks to eliminate them. This process of elimination and absorption of dead mites can make the patient experience an allergic reaction to the dead mites. That means you can still experience intense itching.

In some cases, patient’s body encapsulates the dead mites in thickened skin to reduce the allergic reaction. Due to this, your body develops tiny, hard red bumps that appear similar to the bumps caused by an active scabies infection. The symptoms of post scabies syndrome are quite uncomfortable, while they aren’t contagious at this point. Scabies is only contagious when the mites are alive.

Treating Post Scabies Syndrome

Treating post scabies is very important as it can turn into worst cases of scabies that may even cause death of the patient. The objective of the treating post scabies syndrome is to relieve sore symptoms, like intense itching. Though there’s no way to reduce the duration of the post scabies allergic reaction, but there are certain things you can do to make yourself comfortable during this time.

Post scabies itching can be cured in the same way you treat itching during the active scabies infection. Taking baths with baking soda can reduce this intense itching. A cool bath before going to bed can be very significant in lowering the intense itching at night. You can also apply an over-the-counter anti-itch cream, such as Dr. Scabies, a natural cream for scabies to soothe irritated skin and ease itching.

Prescription medications for scabies, like permethrin cream should be avoided to treat post scabies symptoms as these medications contain pesticides. These medications are so risky that these can increase skin irritation and itching. They won’t help and may end up making you feel worse.

Some natural treatments can also be used to treat post scabies symptoms. For instance, Dr. Scabies topical cream can help sooth irritated skin, and reduce inflammation. It can be used to cure post scabies symptoms as well as to treat an active scabies infection.

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