What Is Best Scabies Treatment – Natural Remedies Vs Permethrin Vs Lindane?

Scabies is caused by small itch mites that tend to make burrows within the skin, causing itching and rashes. People suffering from scabies need proper medical treatment to get rid of the itch mites. There are different treatment methods to get rid of scabies – like lindane, permethrin, and natural remedies.

Best Scabies Treatment

Each treatment is different and depends on age, body condition and environment of an individual to show its effect. However, all the given treatments are useful in treating scabies. But some may be effective on a few people but not on others. All this depends on body factors that vary in a different individual.

Let’s find out the different types of treatments for scabies. You’ll find out how these remedies work and which one will be suitable for you.


Lindane, also called gamma benzene hexachloride, is an insecticide for treating scabies. It works by interfering with the central nervous system (CNS) of insects and leads to excitability, convulsions, and death of mites. Lindane is more permeable as compared to permethrin, hence, absorbed more easily by the skin. 

Lindane 1% cream or lotion is considered to be very effective in the treatment of scabies. The product is non-irritating and quite easy to apply with the help of an applicator. But one disadvantage is that it can cause CNS toxicity in humans.

Accidental ingestion of the product can also lead to lindane poisoning. Some clinical signs of CNS toxicity after lindane poisoning include nausea, headache, vomiting, dizziness, tremors, restlessness, weakness, coma, convulsions, respiratory failure, and even death.

Despite all the problems, the benefits of lindane outweigh its risk. Moreover, it is a cheaper and effective substitute to permethrin in many developing countries where scabies is more widely spread. 


Permethrin is a potent insecticide and synthetic pyrethroid. It is found to be effective against itch mites and has very low mammalian toxicity. Usually, Permethrin 5% dermal creams are prescribed for overnight application once a week for two weeks to the whole body. It is even safe for use in children, as it has no allergic side effects and also acceptable cosmetically.

According to certain studies, permethrin has been observed to have a higher clearance rate compared to lindane. The limiting factor in the use of permethrin is its cost. It is the most expensive topical cream for treating scabies.

Natural Remedies

For those who don’t want to apply harsh chemical-infused creams for treating scabies, some natural home remedies are also known to be effective for eradicating scabies. Here are some natural remedies that you may try at home:

1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for relieving some of the annoying symptoms of scabies. It helps in alleviating itching, redness, inflammation, and signs associated with scabies. It needs to be diluted with some other essential oil and then applied twice a day on the affected area for faster result.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera offers a soothing effect on various skin ailments, as well as sunburn. It is usually considered safe to use due to its minimal side effects. It is even considered better alternative than benzyl benzoate to treat scabies.

3. Neem

Neem oil is an antibacterial, analgesic and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is used in many creams and ointments, as well as applied directly to treat various skin ailments, including scabies.

4. Cayenne Pepper

It contains capsaicin as the main component that alleviates the signs of scabies by interfering with the sensations of itching and irritation. It can be applied to the affected area twice a day to get the best results.

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