What Is Nodular Scabies?

Even after months of medical treatment for scabies, chances of nodules appearing does linger on for a while. Clinically, these nodules are termed as Nodular Scabies.

These nodules are pruritic and can be allergic reactions in parts retained by mites during the infection period.     

Although, Nodular Scabies isn’t a common scabies type, it is reported that only 10% of the total cases reported suffer from it. It is common among young children and has distinguished characteristics.

In the earlier stages, a patient can show prominent nodules that are typical pinkish brown in color and vary between 2-20 mm in diameter.

Nodular lesions are confined to selective body parts. Areas around scrotal and genital skin are most common sites for the infection to grow.

Nodular Scabies Treatment

Due to its complex oddity, treating Nodular Scabies in the right manner is highly challenging. The most common treatment is use of topical and intralesional steroids over the affected areas.

However, the treatment isn’t that effective and frequent lapses are quite common occurrence. If you opt for a long term treatment, it can show cutaneous side-effects and result in topical corticosteroid on the genital skin.

In that sense, Dr Scabies has emerged as more effective for treating this scabies type. The treatment shows significant reduction in nodular lesions and eliminates the possibility of reoccurrence.  The product is completely natural and has no known side effects either. Hundreds of doctors worldwide are now recommending Dr Scabies on a daily basis to patients who are having a hard time dealing with Nodular scabies infection.

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