What is the Basic Treatment for Scabies?

Scabies is a contagious disease characterized with rashes, burrows, itching and blisters. Generally, a physician prescribes basic treatment for scabies with Permethrin cream and Benzyl Benzoate, which is also known as first line of treatment.

Scabies is an infectious skin condition which occurs with the signs like rashes, blisters, burrows and itching that is worse at night. Also termed as “seven-year itch, the symptoms of scabies majorly occur on genitals, finger, groin, and back while younger can havethem on face and head.

It is an infectious skin diseases which is spread by close contacts and using the patient’s belongings.

Scabies is not a life-threatening disease and is treatable with topical creams and oral medicines.

Here we have listed the basic medication, also known as the first line treatment, for scabies. A physician will recommend second line treatment if first line treatment doesn’t work.

Permethrin Cream (5%):

Permethrin cream is the most prescribed medication for scabies in adults and children aged 2 months or above. It is from the category of scabicides and peduculicides. Permethrin cream contains insecticide to eradicate the mites and their eggs. It is good for daily use and should be used twice in a day.

General Directions for Using Permethrin Cream:

  • Wash the affected part of the skin or take a shower for a whole body application.
  • Apply permethrin cream below your neck area which covers skin folds like toes, fingers, buttocks and waistline.
  • Leave the cream for no more than 8-14 hours.
  • Take the bath to wash off the cream.

Note: Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or allergic.

Benzyl Benzoate:

Benzyl Benzoate is also the commonly used medication for scabies treatment, especially for scabies and lice. Benzyl Benzoate eradicates mites and lice by attacking on their nervous system. It is not recommended for children.

General Directions for Using Benzyl Benzoate for Scabies

  • Wash the affected parts with water before applying the cream. It is important to remove the existing layers of oil, lotion or ointment on your body.
  • Pat dry your skin.
  • Apply the layers of the cream below your neck area
  • Wear the cream for 24 hours
  • Rinse it off with warm water and soap



Avoid using Benzyl Benzoate or Permethrin cream on your injured or broken skin. Don’t use them near your eyes. Visit your physician if you experience itching or fever after applying Benzyl Benzoate or Permethrin cream.

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